Architecture Softwares: 7 Ways to Utilize BIM 360 Software to Improve Workflow Efficiency

August 12, 2022


If you work in an Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, you know how much data your projects generate. Most engineers who have worked on projects know the challenges they have to go through. Autodesk BIM 360 helps you manage your projects better, boost collaboration with clients and more. We have ways to utilize BIM 360 software to improve workflow efficiency.

7 Ways to Utilize BIM 360 Software to Improve Workflow Efficiency

Get the Central Location

Design teams using BIM 360 have access to a central cloud-based location that enables them to interact, view, review, and remark on 2D and 3D design files and published models from just about any physical location. Using this fantastic tool, you may establish teamwork effectively regardless of where you are located—at home, in a coffee shop, or at the workplace—by reaching consensus more quickly, making decisions jointly, and doing so.

Track Actual Costs and Streamline Workflow

One of the most important steps in the cost control process is properly controlling and tracking project expenses. Teams use this data for forecasting to make sure the project stays within its allocated budget. But for many, there is room for improvement in the administration of invoicing and internal costs.

The other is that the procedure is frequently disconnected. The accounting team must account for the invoices when they arrive at the main office before bundling and emailing the Project Manager to confirm what can be paid. Next, the project manager must connect them to a contract or purchase order. Before they can answer to accounting, they must generate a PO if there isn't one already.


Save Time

With the new "Designated to me" quick filter, field users will find it simpler to complete current tasks by quickly locating the ones they need to finish on the mobile app. Additionally, they will be able to sort checklists by ID to display more pertinent checklists at the top of the log and find checklists more quickly by their IDs. Users of the web can also save time by creating checklists straight from the checklist log.

Boost Information-Sharing

Any construction company that wants to succeed must effectively share information between the Jobsite and the back office. We're happy to announce that several new checklist features will help in this endeavor.

Users can modify their notification settings for checklists, and lists will appear in the daily alert digest email. Additionally, to keep team members informed, the email notifications will also contain the progress tracking status of the relevant checklist.

Get Better Understanding of the Situation

These notes, particularly any that they scribbled for personal use, are not likely to make it to the subsequent edition of the papers in a paper setting. All that critical site information could be lost if the Superintendent doesn't take the time to sit down and painstakingly transfer the notes to the new edition.

Nevertheless, in a digital setting, a superintendent can directly add notes on the papers, which will automatically transfer when the document gets amended. They can also make any necessary notes accessible to other project team members, who will also carry those notes. These comments may be closed and deleted from subsequent iterations of the documents if a problem has been resolved.

Revit Users can Collaborate Easily

The procedure goes faster with cloud-based construction document management systems like BIM 360. It significantly speeds up construction and lowers rework (and, naturally, expense). Any updates to the document set get automatically emailed to everyone who needs the new information, ensuring that everyone on the job site always has access to the most recent version. If you want to collaborate easily using this software you can take a BIM professional course and learn how it works.

Drawing sets are more challenging to share and collaborate on than models because users can complete various tasks via a digital workflow. Nowadays, a large portion of this expanded project management capabilities is provided via the cloud, for example, through Autodesk's BIM 360 products. Tools for sharing complicated project models and coordinating integration with peers are available here for several disciplines.

Get Full Control over Reference Material

Users of the digital model-based workflow can be confident that they have recorded the time spent working on the model thanks to tools like autosave and linkages to project history. The link to the model's evolution version history can assist you in preventing devastating file corruptions or disappearances that can raise hell and hinder productivity.


BIM 360 workflow helps project teams in this era of complicated construction projects and primarily remote working by providing stable and user-friendly features to improve workflows and collaboration across many disciplines. The cloud-based solution enables a more effective planning and construction procedure to guarantee the project's flawless execution.



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