Baby Car Seat and Carrier: What You Must Know?

August 31, 2022

Human ingenuity makes our lives go to the next level. Inventions and innovations are rising, and they seem unstoppable. Literally, they make daily routines easy to accomplish regardless of hectic schedules. In fact, taking care of babies while travelling gets easier to handle. Parents have alternative places to make them sleep, car seats and carriers. But are they safe to use?

What'sWhat's the guarantee that you will put your baby to rest and not be at risk? In this post, let's see the difference between the baby car seat and a carrier and to what extent their uses are.

The Truth: Car Seats and Carrier Are Not Safe

Babies, by nature, sleep a lot, but it doesn't mean you can have them sleep anywhere. Devices such as car seats and carriers may be helpful. However, they can't substitute nor exceed the value of a crib. The truth is they are not alternative sleeping environments. Experts suggest not to leave them unsupervised. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Babies placed in a car seat can hardly breathe when straps are incorrectly placed.
  2. The other possible risk is wrong positioning that restricts their airways.

Precautionary Measures

  • Double check the straps if they're securely buckled in and if there are no twists.
  • Make sure that the car seat is installed on a stable surface and without any possibility of even slight shakes.
  • Follow instructions for the device. Baby'sBaby's head shouldn't slump forward or twist into bed stuff such as pillows, bedding, or blanket.
  • Don'tDon't leave your baby in the car seat taking a nap all throughout the travel time. Take them out once in a while.
  • Put your baby in the crib or bassinet after the travel.
  • Keep checking your baby when they're asleep to ensure that his neck is straight and his face is free of any coverings.

The A-B-C Rule

A - stands for air quality.

Keep your baby's sleeping environment clean. Smoking should not be allowed at home. It triggers sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

B - implies that babies should sleep on their back. This position is recommended as lying on their stomachs can put them at risk of SIDS.

C-means babies should sleep in their cribs. They must be placed on a firm mattress. The recommended slat's space is not more than 2 ⅜ inches apart to avoid their heads getting trapped between them. Clear away stuff, toys, pillows, blankets and all other things that may cover their nose and mouth.

Infant Carrier or Car Seat?

Following the precautionary measures, you may use any of these devices. But as a travel solution, think of their pros and cons. The car seat is best recommended when the baby is old enough. In many cases, the carrier is chosen first.

To better understand, see their extent of use to determine the right circumstance for using them.

Infant Carrier

If you use a carrier, the recommended way to install it is in a rear-facing position. It is ideal for newborn infants as they are designed to be used up to 12 months or older. But their shoulders' height and weight must be taken into consideration.

The carrier device is also chosen for practical reasons. They can be removed from the car, and you can take the infant carrier wherever you go without waking him up.

Moreover, babies would love to see things around while they're held up high with a hands-free carrier.

Car Seat

Compared to the carrier, the car seat is fixed inside the car and is safer if installed correctly when travelling.

A car seat is an alternative device for newborns, but it is best used for those who have outgrown their carrier. The convertible is the best type (forward-facing and rear-facing) because it provides an easy adjustment as they grow older. But the rear-facing position is best suited to the fragility of an infant's neck.

Experts recommend using cribs because their necks and backs will not slump or be in awkward positions, which causes breathing issues. However, parents should make a note of the recent warning. It says this device accounts for many infants' sudden deaths if chosen as a sleeping device.

You must put your baby to sleep in a place where his back can lay flat comfortably and without the stuff that will cover his face. If there's no other choice, have him sleep in the car seat with your close supervision.

Babies shouldn't be left unattended while in sleep to avoid the incident of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


Choosing between a car seat and a carrier requires careful consideration. Although both devices are helpful, experts' warnings should be noted discreetly. As advised, they are not suitable for the baby's sleeping environment. Besides car crashes, an incident like SIDS is also a potential risk. The wrongful placement of straps or slumping positions can lead to unnecessary fatal issues. So for the baby's safety, use these devices to where they are supposed to serve only.

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