Can a solar generator power a house?

August 1, 2022

A solar generator is a very useful machine. It is basically used to create power through solar panels, thereby it converts it into electricity which can be stored in the battery and can be used later. The most beneficial part of using the solar generator is it’s portable. It solely works on solar energy.

They are very convenient to be used and they can be easily charged by any AC power source or car charging port, etc. The range of the solar generator is from 200 watts to 3000 watts. The solar generators are also eco-friendly and can be used when one is going to any camps or campaigns or trips, etc. Most solar generators use lithium-based batteries. The lithium-based solar generators are very safe and produce clean and clear power.

However, the question is whether a sole solar generator can power an entire house or not. The answer is yes, it can be used to power an entire house subject to certain conditions. The very foremost condition is that to use a solar generator to power a house, one must buy a solar generator that has higher battery capacity than the regular ones. Certain other conditions are like the correct size of the solar generator, choosing the solar generator as per the house’s requirement. You can look for solar powered generators for sale if your requirements match below capacity of solar generators.

A study has shown that an individual house requires 30kWh per day , thus for one hour it will be 1.25kWh, therefore the minimum rating of a solar generator needed to power an entire house should be 2,000 kW with a battery backup of at least 2,000 Wh.

Let us see which solar generators are available in the market and can be used to power an entire house.

Some of the solar generators in the market

Bluetti AC200 [MAX] 2,200W / 2,048wH Solar Generator- It is expandable up to 8,192wh and is priced at $1,899. It thus can be used to power an entire house. Some of its features are- the LFP Battery with a life cycle of 3500+ to 80%, and expandable up to 2 battery modules. It has a 2,200W pure sine wave AC inverter, Surge 4800W. The solar input rate is up to 900W solar input rate and 400W adapter input, 1,300W input total. It comes along with a Smart App remote control & monitor.

EcoFlow DELTA MAX- It has the capacity of 2,400W / 2,016Wh Portable Power Station. It is also priced at $1,899.The DELTA Max is very powerful and it can even be used to run heavy-duty power tools like arc welding machines. It can even be used as an emergency source of power for electric vehicles. It can be used to power up to 15 Devices Simultaneously. It is Wifi enabled and has an X-boost charging system therefore it can power up the devices extremely fast.

Bluetti [EP500] 5,100wH / 2,000W Solar Power Station- It is priced at $4,599. The storage capacity is 5,100Wh. Some of the other features are- 2,000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, LiFePO4 Battery Offers 6,000+ Charge Cycles, Built-in Wheels for Added Portability, Smart App Compatibility and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity, 15 Output Ports Including 2 Wireless Charging Pads, etc. One of the best features of this solar generator is that the EP500 also has the ability to automatically connect to your home's power system, so you can retain direct access to power whenever the electrical grid goes down.

Point Zero Energy Titan Solar Generator 6,000wH- It is priced at $6,185. Features of this solar generator are: It has removable expandable lithium-ion battery (technically unlimited but the makers recommend max. 6 batteries), has 3 x 2000 watt hour lithium batteries, and a 3000-watt high-efficiency inverter, also includes dual MPPT charge controllers (2000 watts total) with a wide voltage range, fast AC charging 600 watts standard 1200 watts with a second charger. It is also considered one of the biggest solar generators on the market today however it still can be technically portable and expandable

Hysolis MPS 4500wH / 3000W Solar Generator Lithium Battery All-In-One Power Station- It is priced at $3,595. The features of this solar generator are: The inverter of this solar generator is a low-frequency pure sine wave single phase. The AC output Power is a continuous 3,000W Pure Sine wave 120VAC/ 60Hz. The surge power is 6,000W and the solar charge controller is MPPT 48V/30A. Some other essential features are- Solar Input Voltage Range: 60VDC-150VDC, AC Charger: 120VAC/1KW, Car Charger: 12VDC/10A, Built-in Battery Bank Capacity: 4,500 watt-hours (Lithium) and Battery Lifecycles: 2,000. The solar generator is claimed and also stated by customers that it is completely silent and is very safe to be used.

Lion ME 3,000 Safari Portable Power Station Solar Powered Generator- It is priced at $3,498. Some of its essential features are- It can be used as a professional Grade Portable Power and has the ability to be used all day without running out of power via solar panel recharging, it is claimed to be a faster solar charging generator than most others in the market. The Lion Safari ME is a 24V, 922 Wh portable solar power station with a 2000W inverter and a 4000W surge.


Solar generators can be definitely used for powering up an entire house. It is one of the most popular ways of powering up a house. However, one must judiciously buy a solar power generator that will be used to power up an entire house.



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