Celebrities and the Love of Sailing

August 8, 2022

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Whether you love them or loathe them, one thing it’s hard to deny is that celebrities are trendsetters. Whether it’s a certain style, way of dieting or staying healthy, or something else, they’re doing it and the media is making it known around the world. Soon, many people are following the lead of their showbiz heroes. Below is a look at why the public follow celebrity trends, at some of the place’s celebrities like to sail and how to charter a boat abroad.

The desire to follow celebrity trends

The public takes great interest in celebrities and the trends they set because these individuals are high-status individuals. People think that seeing what they’re doing might help to also become a high-status individual. The knowledge also serves as a tool to be able to navigate social settings better.

A further reason is that it’s human nature to care. Caring about celebrities and what they do is deeply ingrained into society. This is something celebrities understand and use to their advantage, especially in the age of social media.

The new-found love of sailing

One of the most popular trends this year has been sailing. The last few years have given people a lot of time to think and to appreciate open space and the outdoors. Chartering a yacht or catamaran has rewarded with them opportunities to do this.

Celebrities are no different and some have been known to relish the chance to get out on the world’s waters. Of course, when they do, the general public lap it up. Sailing from island to island often makes the headlines when a celebrity is doing it. Autograph hunters live in the hope that they’ll bump into a celebrity on an island somewhere unexpectedly.


Cannes may be renowned for its international film festival, but this resort on the French Riviera has stolen the heart of celebrities such as Elton John and Posh and Becks (Victoria and David Beckham). In fact, the couple have been seen spending time together with Elton John on a superyacht.

It’s perfectly understandable why anyone would want to spend time in Cannes. The produce is unbelievably fresh, especially the cheeses, and anyone who likes the luxury life might take an interest in the Cannes Yachting Festival.


Turkey has been the destination of choice in the past for former Take That star Robbie Williams. The singer, who has had hits with songs such as ‘Rock DJ’ and ‘Let Me Entertain You’ has been spotted enjoying a holiday aboard a superyacht in this fabulous destination.

The beaches of Antalya; the cove of Butterfly Valley, Fethiye; and the Blue Lagoon of Olüdeniz all make Turkey a tremendous destination to visit, as does the city of Istanbul, which is a cultural, economic and historical hub.

St Barts

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Many celebrities charter yachts in the Caribbeans.

If ever you’ve been around St Barts in the wintertime, you may have caught former talk show hostess and sitcom actress Ellen DeGeneres out on a yacht there. St Barts, a French-speaking island out in the Caribbean, is renowned for its beaches and designer shops. Kite surfing, surfing, snorkelling, diving, fishing are all possible in this glamorous destination.

Chartering a yacht abroad

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Yachting has become so much more accessible than it used to be. If you want to charter a yacht abroad, you can jump online and visit a site such as borrowaboat.com. The company has grown considerably in the last couple of years and has expanded into several different markets, spoiling customers with a wide variety of destinations.

The type of charter you choose can make all the difference to the experience. You can opt for a bareboat charter, which doesn’t include any crew and, as a result, you’re responsible for these arrangements. If you don’t have a certificate in sailing, a skippered charter is a suitable option, and you can make the most of the skipper’s knowledge and experience of the waters, boating and other elements to relax while the skipper deals with the important stuff.

Another option is the luxury yacht, for which you can hire a crew and can just sit back and enjoy the experience while the crew take care of controlling the ship, navigation and other necessary tasks. That could include entertainments, too.

One question you might have is: yacht or catamaran? Catamarans are generally wider than yachts, easier to manoeuvre in marinas and offer more flexibility because they can sail in shallower waters. However, the greater space they provide means you may lose some of the closeness sharing a boat creates.

Yachts, meanwhile, are specifically designed for the number of people on board. They come with all the necessary equipment and are ideal for a week away. There’s also the greater feeling of closeness that you might lose when you hire a catamaran.

Celebrities and the wish for privacy

One of the big reasons celebrities choose yachts is because of the privacy a yacht affords them, especially if they’re on a superyacht. The charter chef can prepare their meals and other members of the crew can plan the entertainment. The yacht may even have amenities such as a hot tub onboard. The celebrities can steer clear of dry land if they wish to and still have an amazing time.

Boating is one of the big trends of this year and celebrities as much as anyone like to get out on the open water. Now that boating is more accessible, why not follow their lead and charter a yacht or a catamaran?



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