Cosby Show House: The Huxtable House

August 8, 2022

What is Cosby Show House?

Cosby Show House is a fictional home featured on the classic television show, The Cosby Show. Furthermore, in the show, the home had a fake address of 10 Stigwood Avenue. The Cosby Show ran from 1984 to 1992. It starred Bil Cosby and Lisa Bonet. Additionally, the show made way for the spin-off, A Different World. which featured Lisa Bonet’s character, Denise. The show also starred Marisa Tomei and Sinbad. Furthermore, the house features a classic New York City brownstone appearance. It is still popular with tourists today. Check out the Cosby Show House below.

Where is the Cosby House from? West Village, NYC

How much is the house worth? 

Cosby House Net Worth: $13,9 million

Where is the Cosby Show House?

This iconic townhouse is located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City. Furthermore, the West Village is in lower Manhattan. 

The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms over 3,000 square feet of space. This townhouse was built in the 1930s. Furthermore, it is 22 feet wide. This home features 12-foot ceilings and the original fireplace. Additionally, there are gorgeous casement windows. Most of the interior boasts beautifully preserved architectural details. There are also hardwood floors throughout the townhouse. The building is made up of three levels, with five units in total. 


Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 6

Square Feet: 3,381 sqft

Price: $13.9 million

Cosby House Address: Saint Luke's Pl, New York, NY 10014


Cosby Show House

Cosby Show House
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