Eco-Friendly Roofing: What Are Your Options?

August 24, 2022

Eco-friendly roofing is not a buzzword term that lacks substance. It represents countless years of growth in a market that is still maturing. Start with your roof for the best home energy efficiency if you want to see the most progress.


Before you go all out and hire a contractor, take a long hard look at their experience. This is the reason companies like Primo Roofing come highly recommended. Experience makes or breaks the value of your roofing contract. Before making a change, consider that there will be multiple workers walking across the top of your home. Inexperience in that area can lead to more damage being applied than being fixed. And the worst part of accidents with a lousy contract is how much will not be covered due to worker negligence. Along with bad workers, inexperience will grant you some fantastically worded contract clauses. Avoid the unknowns of roofing work with experience, one of the few things that still come with a guarantee.

The Cooling Effect

A cool roof is one of the more popular choices in the eco-friendly circle. It uses a combination of materials that naturally reflects the sun's rays. This alleviates the extra work needed by your AC and electricity to keep the house cool. It also rounds out the temperature control provided by modern windows. Without a good roof, new windows won’t be able to reach their full potential. Another reason to go with a cool roof is longevity. The initial cost may seem a little high, but it pays itself in a couple of years.

Metal Roof

A metal roof has the option to be made from recycled material. Like a cool roof, the metal roof will reflect the sun's rays without any issues. With all the alloys and styles available, metal roofing has exploded in popularity. If you want the most eco-friendly metal roof, mention your preference for recycled materials.

Solar Roof

A solar roof absorbs the energy from the sun and provides your home with an optional but entirely usable source of energy. A solar roof is next level and has become a staple of homes that want to make the most of their design. Solar roofing consists of either solar panels or solar tiles. Besides the large tax breaks you get from installing a solar roof, it will also cut your electricity bill to a manageable number. This is important in the summertime when AC prices are out of control.

Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic shake shingles are fire resistant, impact resistant, and highly durable. They provide superior home insulation at an affordable cost. But the materials make synthetic shake shingles a top-tier eco-friendly option. Polyurethane is a common choice and is one of many options when starting a project with these shingles.


Every eco-friendly choice on the list has the added benefit of low maintenance. That feature alone is worth looking at what the industry has to offer. Choose the best eco-friendly roofing material in your area to give your home lasting value.


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