Fun in the Sun: 5 Vegetable Plants That Do Best in Bright Sunlight

August 24, 2022

Planting sun-loving vegetables is a no-brainer if you live in a place that receives hundreds of days of sun year-round. Plus, it’s something fun to do with your family.

But what can you plant in your garden that will thrive in full sunlight? Let’s check out some delicious examples, all of which are great for salads, roasting, or enjoying fresh off the vine.


Garlic is one of the most versatile plants used in nearly every culture. You can add this shallot and onion family member to your garden by planting high-quality, organic garlic seeds or bulbs.

You simply break up the bulb into cloves, and you can plant each clove individually, and this should yield a sizable (and delicious) garlic harvest.

Just remember, garlic loves full sun, and you should plant yours in autumn to have the most success.


These sun-ripened beauties are the perfect addition to your summer garden. To have ripe tomatoes by summer, you should plant them in late spring to early summer. Yes, tomatoes are technically fruits, but we typically use them as vegetables in savory and salty dishes.

Like all your garden plants, tomatoes need soil full of nutrients to grow to their fullest potential. Loam, which is a mixture of clay, silt, and clay, is the best kind of soil to establish your garden.

Basil and other herbs

When it comes to herbs like basil and many other valuable plants, you can utilize indoor setups to grow beautiful leafy greens. However, just make sure you give them plenty of access to sunlight, even indoors.

Other sun-loving herbs include chives, which are also members of the same family as garlic, and dill.

If you plant these fast-growing herbs alongside your veggies, you’ll always have access to homegrown, fresh herbs for cooking or drying to use later.


Cucumbers, in particular, adore full sunlight and thrive when planted in early spring (think March or April).

Though you can grow them later if you’d like, remember that cucumbers need abundant water. If they don’t get enough, they will likely still taste okay, but they won’t have their signature juiciness or crunchiness.

Jalapenos and other peppers

One of the best summer garden vegetables is jalapeno. They soak up the sun, and it seems like they turn its rays right into their spicy pep. They’re typically picked when green, but sometimes they’re allowed to ripen to red, orange, or even yellow.

If you want maximum heat from these fat chilis, eat them when they’re dark green and with the seeds still in them.

Bell peppers and serranos do just as well in full sunlight— you can have peppers in many colors and flavors to complement your summer cuisine, fresh from your garden.

Wrap up

There are many options for planting in garden areas that receive full sun, from savory garlic to spicy peppers. With proper preparation and care, you can enjoy sizable harvests for fresh-from-the-garden treats. Now, you just have to keep rodents and rabbits away from your harvest.

Just remember, cultivating quality soil for planting and providing plenty of water will ensure perfect sun-loving veggies.

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