How digital payment methods can bring transparency to your transactions

August 24, 2022

About Digital Payments:

Digital or electronic payments refer to transactions that move funds from one account to another over an electronic system. Simply put, no physical exchange of money or checks is involved in it.

It is however important to note that digital payments can absolutely be made at physical locations; where there are brick-and-mortar stores. People may, for instance, employ online payment methods for e-commerce activities including online retailing, online buying, online bill payment, and e-business. Their debit and credit cards will enable them to do all this digitally.

Well, in this post, we'll look closely at how digital payment methods can bring transparency to your transactions as well as some of the most popular types of digital payment methods in Dubai, UAE. There will also be a brief introduction to payment processors. Let's get started.

Digital Payments & Transparency in Transactions

Digital payments have several advantages, whether they are used by a small-scale fruit vendor or large-scale factory management. However, the biggest advantage of all is that they increase transaction transparency.

Yes, they do a great job of promoting accountability and transparency in transactions provided that all payment information is recorded.

You don't need to be concerned about your payment history. It quickly provides you with a complete record of all your transactions at the end of the day,

Digital Payments offer tracking options as well. That way you always know where your payments are. And since you can track your money until it gets to the payee, you don't need to spend as much time monitoring the status of payments.

On the whole, compared to conventional payment methods, electronic ones are far more effective, fast, and secure and contribute to a reduction in theft.

Challenges of Online Payment Systems

There are some drawbacks along with the advantages, though. Let's take a closer look at the challenges we encounter when selecting and using digital payment solutions for transactions.

  • Digital transactions are susceptible to technical issues. This typically affects systems that rely on technological infrastructure such as mPOS.
  • Users of digital payment systems need to register with an authorized government body so this may take time
  • Your business can incur more expenses in setting up and maintaining e-payment systems. You'll also need a handful of money to protect sensitive data in your infrastructure against unauthorized users.
  • Last but not least, the adoption of digital payments can only succeed if both the business owner and the consumer show a significant level of interest.

Ensuring Smooth E-Payments

As a form of middleman between the bank and the retailer, a Payment cards processor is a business that controls the card transaction process. Well, choosing the best credit card processor can greatly affect both the number of sales you generate and the number of loyal customers you draw.

Following are the primary considerations when choosing a payment partner for your e-store:

  • The effectiveness and timeliness of transactions
  • A straightforward process for accepting payments
  • The costs and services covered by the contract
  • The checkout procedure is easy to use and compatible with all devices
  • A simple, quick, and uncomplicated integration process

Digital Payment Methods in Dubai

Even though the classic cash-on-delivery method is still effective, payment gateways have significantly contributed to the expansion of the eCommerce business. Listed below are some of the widely used digital payment options that are promoting cashless transactions and making Dubai a cashless civilization. Check this out:

  1. Telr

Improve your online business with Telr's valuable digital marketing services. It is regarded as a leader among various payment gateway integration techniques in the UAE. The payment gateway with headquarters in Singapore and Dubai operates in around 120 nations. The best part is that there is no setup fee, as you can open a Telr account by just signing up on their website.

  1. CashU

In the UAE, CashU is another excellent online payment method. It started out only to service middle east consumers but is now one of the most popular options in Europe as well. It is renowned for its reliability and cutting-edge AML measures for preventing theft and fraud. But, in order to use this payment gateway, you must pay a setup charge and security deposit. Also, depending on the number of sales, a yearly fee is assessed.

  1. CCAvenue

Despite having its headquarters in India, CCAvenue is also a well-known payment gateway in the UAE. It is liked for providing various pricing options that are appropriate for small, medium, and large enterprises. As for the expenditures, the platform offers a $0 setup fee choice, and its monthly maintenance cost is AED 200. Also, keep in mind that a transaction fee of 3% always applies.

  1. Checkout

There is no payment gateway that is more well-liked than this one when it comes to smooth transactions. It offers a variety of specialized solutions that can be tailored to individual markets and provide insightful data. The simple interface, safe and secure payment integration methods, and fantastic user experience of this UK-based service are well-known. Concerning the costs, transaction fees generally range from 0.75 to 2.75 percent of the overall volume.

Key Takeaways

Digital payments are helpful for both the economy and the general public.

Telr, CashU, CCAveneue, and Checkout are the four most popular digital methods in UAE.

Important attributes of the right payment card processors include safety, effectiveness, timeliness, confidentiality, affordability, acceptability, and ease of use.



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