How to Detect Roof Damage from Hail

August 14, 2022

One important component that protects your house or place of business from the weather is the IRC Roofing & Construction in San Antonio. What may first seem a minor problem may soon become a major one when bad weather, such as a hailstorm damages the roof.

A tutorial on how to spot hail damage to various kinds of shingles and roofing materials is provided below, along with some factors that affect the type and extent of damage that a hailstorm may cause.

  • Wind – The wind's direction and speed can change during a hailstorm. The position and impact of hail might vary depending on the wind conditions.
  • Size and density - The hailstones' size will determine whether your property will sustain any damage. A hailstone can range in size from a pea to a softball. The damage that hail may do can vary depending on whether or not the hailstones' edges are smooth.
  • Building materials - Different types of building materials react differently to hail. For instance, hail can shatter vinyl siding or wood shakes while only leaving dents on aluminum siding, gutters, or asphalt shingles. Alternately, hailstones the size of a softball may be solid and powerful enough to pierce a roof. A roof's age and condition may also have an impact on the severity of the damage.
  • Barriers - The placement of nearby buildings and natural barriers, such as tree cover, landscaping, fences, or nearby residences, can lessen the damage that hail can do.

Damage from hail on a Slate Tile Roof

Due to its elegance, aesthetic appeal, and durability, slate roofs are a popular choice for roofing. However, like any material, this robust material is susceptible to damage by hail. IRC Roofing & Construction in San Antonio is able to detect early warning signs on this popular roof material.

The following are warning signs to keep an eye out for: Slate tile is prone to breaking to the point that replacement is necessary, particularly in strong hailstorms, when hailstones are enormous, or when the tile already had damage that compromised its structural integrity.

The material of slate tile may exhibit traces of dents or cracks. The hail's force has caused several cracks in the slate, although it is not entirely fractured.

Hail holes often have crisp, clear edges and are formed by impact. Another sign of hail damage on slate tile is damaged corners or edges.

When hail is huge and leaves holes, pits, pockmarks, fractures, and breaks, it is generally simple to spot slate damage. Hail damage is more frequent in homes with damaged or soft slates because the tiles are brittle. Additionally, suppose the roof on your house was installed in a "side-lap" form, meaning it has just one material layer. In that case, leakage issues beneath the material will result if the slate is broken to the point that water may enter through it.

Metal roof damage indications

Metal shingles are available in various materials, such as aluminum, steel, or copper. Although metal roofing material has a long lifespan and is strong, it can suffer hail damage.

The metal covering may exhibit deterioration after a hailstorm. The "scouring" effect, which causes the coating material to be removed, resembles a sequence of scratch lines running down the panels.

Metal roofs can sustain tiny, medium, or major damages from hail, depending on how big it is and how fast it was moving hit the surface. The panel is pocked or dented, with several indentations in the metal resulting from the hail hitting the roof.

Although some hail damage may be ornamental, dents and fractures can quickly develop into rust and cause the metal panel or panels in question to deteriorate. Depending on the type of roofing materials placed and the hailstorm's intensity, the damage's degree may vary.


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