How to Keep the Spark Alive on Your Honeymoon

August 24, 2022


To keep the spark alive on your honeymoon—or any time you're separated from your partner—you have to try new things together or with each other. That might mean going on a private shopping trip where you get to buy something special just for each other or writing down your best fantasies for later use in bed (literally).

Keeping this spark alive is vital for any relationship. If the spark is gone, there are high chances of a divorce. In fact, studies have found that something as simple as spending time alone with each other or sharing activities can make a couple three and a half times happier in marriage.

Here are some ideas for keeping the romance alive:

Talk About What to Do on Your Honeymoon

Communication is vital in any relationship. If you can communicate with each other easily, you can find out your way from any challenging phase in your life. In fact, according to a statement from Dr. John Gottman, communication patterns can determine a relationship's success.

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. Here are some ideas:

Talk about what you want to do on your honeymoon. Your partner may have a lot of pictures and preferences for things they would like to do on your honeymoon, so it helps to lay out all of the options and discuss them together before booking anything!

Talk about what you have done in the past. If you've been on a trip before, perhaps with friends or family, talk about that experience and how it went—what worked well and what didn't work quite as well? If any elements or activities were particularly memorable (or maybe even unpleasant), consider whether those might be worth including in planning your upcoming trip together now!

While communicating, also try to be an active listener. This will make your partner feel good. Moreover, if there's any fight, try to use "I" statements more. According to a study published in the Peer Journal, I statements can make a heated conversation less blaming.

Write Down and Live Your Best Fantasies

Intimacy is one of the most crucial factors of your honeymoon. Hence, one of the best ways to keep the spark alive on your honeymoon is to write down and live your fantasies. Your honeymoon is a time to let your imagination run wild and try out things you might not otherwise get the chance to.

You also need to share your fantasies with your partner. This can be done through a simple game of one-on-one "truth or dare," but it can also be a fun activity for both of you to participate in together (and even more fun if you do it after dark).

If you and your partner agree that living the fantasy can be fun and exciting, you can go ahead. For instance, suppose you fantasize about locking your partner on the bed and using some toys for an intimate experience; ask your partner if he or she agrees. If both of you like the plan, you can get some toys from online stores to get them delivered to your stay room. Look for a store that can offer different options, like the ones you can find here. This will ensure you have plenty of options to find something you and your partner approve of. Later, you can head to the bedroom and live the moments.

Go on a Private Shopping Trip

To make the most of your time, go to a place you both enjoy. You can hit up a museum or two, check out an art gallery, or visit one of the many historical sites in your area. If you do this right away, you'll have plenty to talk about when you return home. If nothing else, sharing photos and stories with friends who ask what happened on your vacation is fun!

Once at the store (or stores), ask yourself: What are some things I like? What are some things that my partner likes? Which shops will allow us to do both? Remember not to stress over finding everything on every list—you don't need it all today!

You should also try to make the shopping quick. There are chances that your partner is joining you just for a company. In that case, if you spend too much time shopping for something or somewhere your partner doesn't like, he or she might not accompany you in the future.

Create a Love Bucket List

The first step is to create a love bucket list of things you want to do together, alone, and with friends. Write down anything that comes to mind. It doesn't matter if it's silly or expensive; the point is to get ideas down on paper, so you have something to work with later. Then narrow the list until you have the five most essential items for each category (together, alone, and with friends).

As an example, here are some suggestions:

Together: go hiking in Big Sur, see a Broadway show, take salsa lessons, learn how to cook Indian cuisine, etc.

Alone: explore Paris on your own, go skydiving in Hawaii, scuba dive off of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Shower Together

Here's a little suggestion for keeping the spark alive on your honeymoon: shower together.

Showering is one of those things that's easy to forget until you have no other option than to do it. Showering with your partner gives you time to bond with him or her. This is also a crucial time when you two are alone without any disturbance and can try out several things to keep the spark alive.

Besides that, showering with your partner also has several health benefits, like relieving stress. If you can't talk about this with your partner directly, you can do it in other ways. You can try leaving the bathroom open while showering to get your partner interested in this. In fact, according to a study conducted by Drench, over 60% of couples leave the door open while in the bathroom. You can do the same and enjoy showering your partner.


Following these tips will help you keep the spark alive in your marriage. While you can try many other options, these are the basic ones that will help you get started. Once you and your partner are comfortable trying different options, you can start exploring more.



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