How to Make Amusement Parks Safer And Smarter?

August 16, 2022

1. Background

Amusement parks are frequented by children, teenagers and couples. They are one of the main entertainment places for people. The daily flow of people is very large, especially during summer vacations, holidays, nights and other time periods, where accidents are most likely to occur, such as: Events such as lost children, lost property, fights, and vandalism require an amusement park management system.

2. Demand analysis

Although many amusement parks are now equipped with monitoring equipment, most of them can only realize real-time monitoring, video viewing and other functions. Compared with some functional advantages of the current intelligent security monitoring, the current amusement park security management system has the following problems:

1. It is impossible to identify whether tourists have stolen or missed tickets, or illegal elements notified by the police;

2. When encountering incidents such as loss of children, destruction of public property, forced entry, fights, accidents, etc., it is not possible to notify the management personnel to deal with them in time, or to call the police;

3. In case of fireworks, fire, ignition and other events, it cannot be discovered and dealt with in time;

4. The current monitoring equipment is generally installed in halls, entrances and exits, ticket offices, etc. The monitoring equipment in these important places generally only has the ability of video monitoring, and cannot monitor the protection of masks and the correct wearing of work clothes, nor can it provide sound and light prompts;

5. Because the application scenarios and places are different, it is impossible to achieve unified device model and type access when installing monitoring. At this time, the compatibility of monitoring system platform becomes extremely important, and even if all access is possible, It is also difficult to achieve unified management and operation and maintenance.

3. Overview

To avoid the above drawbacks, we propose the following methods.

The program is divided into three modules:

1. Monitoring equipment: surveillance cameras with functions such as epidemic protective mask detection, voice intercom, sound and light alarm, and PTZ control;

2. Monitoring platform: The video fusion cloud service supports GB28181, Ehome, Onvif, RTSP, Hikvision/Dahua SDK and other protocol access, and has the functions of face recognition, license plate detection, monitoring video analysis and data aggregation;

3. Client: The client can receive data, alarms and other information sent by the monitoring platform. The client can be either a PC or Android, iOS, WeChat, applet, etc., so that it is convenient to view monitoring and receive information at any time.

4. Function

4.1. Face Recognition

The amusement park monitoring system can extract the faces in the pictures and video sources collected by the front end, and compare it with the amusement park face database and the police face database to realize multi-face detection and capture, and face attribute analysis (such as Gender, age, personnel information), traffic statistics, etc., help the amusement park to distinguish users, help the amusement park to improve safety prevention and control, and prevent criminals from entering the amusement park.

4.2. Identification of epidemic protection tools

AI algorithm is used to monitor tourists and employees in real time within the monitoring range of the amusement park. When it is detected that a person is not wearing epidemic protective measures (masks), it will take a picture and save it, with real-time sound and light prompts and voice alarms. It can also be associated with turnstile gate equipment, which cannot be allowed to enter or leave the amusement park without wearing protective gear.

4.3. Hazard identification

Detect and identify the entrances and exits of the amusement park, ticket gates, crowded places, etc., and conduct real-time monitoring of densely populated facilities. When there are incidents such as personnel intrusion, fire, and personnel falling, the device will immediately capture and trigger an alarm. Linked with on-site voice prompts, it is convenient to stop and take rescue measures in a timely manner, effectively assist the supervision of security personnel, reduce labor supervision costs, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

4.4. Working status monitoring

The work of amusement park staff can not be slack. Based on intelligent video analysis, the working status of important positions in the amusement park (such as import and export, ticket gates, security positions, regional management personnel, etc.) can be monitored, and the personnel in the monitoring area can be monitored. , leaving the post, using mobile phones and other behaviors to identify, once found, immediately trigger an alarm reminder, effectively improve the work responsibility of the staff.

5. PTZ control and voice intercom

PTZ control can be performed, and some blind spots that are easily overlooked in the monitoring screen and problems that are difficult to reach by sight can be found in time, so as to achieve a more comprehensive range of monitoring. At the same time, the screen can be zoomed in and out, and the details that need attention can be found in time.

6. Full terminal coverage

Support RTSP / RTMP / HTTP-FLV / WS-FLV / HLS and other video stream formats, you can use computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals to view surveillance video, which is convenient for the execution and supervision of the daily tasks of the amusement park staff.

7. Real-time monitoring throughout the day

*24H, no dead angle real-time high-definition video surveillance. Real-time and automatic detection and identification of abnormal situations in the monitoring area (intruders without masks, people wandering, climbing and intrusion, fights, fireworks, etc.) to the platform to facilitate manual intervention.

8. Cloud video recording

The video fusion platform provides management functions such as cloud recording, retrieval, playback, and storage. Based on real-time audio and video recording, it can restore abnormal events in high-definition, and realize the traceability, retrieval, and evidence collection of on-site monitoring video data, and assist in identifying the occurrence of events. cause for accountability.

9. Device multi-protocol access

Due to the large area of ​​the amusement park, there are indoor, outdoor, high-altitude, water, etc., the monitoring equipment connected is not the same, and the platform can support multiple protocols (GB28181, Ehome, Onvif, RTSP, Hikvision/Dahua SDK and other protocols) at the same time Access, one platform can manage multiple devices.


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