How to Make your Home Cozy: 13 Steps to a Cozier Feel

August 2, 2022

When I think of cozy, my mind conjures up images of a fire blazing in the hearth, a stack of freshly-baked cookies on the coffee table, and a snuggly blanket on a chair. Maybe it's that winter weather, but I'm craving a sense of a cozy home that is inviting and warm.

The word cozy comes from Middle English, cofien, which means to hug. And what is home, if not a safe place to be hugged? It is crucial to design your house with this feeling in mind. Here are 13 tips to make sure your home is as cozy as can be:

Reach out to someone local

Many small businesses and craftsmen/women in your area offer services to help make your home cozier. For example, if you're interested in a good wine selection or want to set up a wine wall, reach out to a wine shop in your area. Many wine shops will be willing to help design the perfect storage solution for you.

More candles than you know what to do with

A few candles can set the mood with a warm glow for ambiance and safety (especially for pets and young children you may live with). Be careful not to overload on the candles, though! It's tempting to buy a bunch and then try to figure out where to put them all... which can make the whole room feel cluttered. Having a few strategically placed candles in different rooms is essential - but play around with other arrangements to find what feels right.

Make use of your fireplace

90% of people who have a fireplace say that it makes their home feel cozy, but did you know you can use your fireplace in the summer as well? You can use it to dry laundry, smoke meat and fish, and even bake homemade bread or pizza.

Be Mindful of your Bedding choices

Nothing is cozier than sleep, and a beautiful bed sets the style and tone for a relaxing evening and sweet dreams. The right bedding can work wonders. Use soft and warm blankets and pillows to help achieve this cozy atmosphere. And don't forget about accessories: wall art, faux fur, side table, throw pillows, quilts, and comforters are easy ways to add color and pattern while also elevating the look of your space. Read this free guide here for more amazing ideas about cozying up your house.

Decorating with greenery

Make your home smell amazing by adding fresh flowers with the right scent or herbs to vases throughout your home. You can also decorate with plants! A small potted plant on a kitchen counter or shelf can instantly add a pop of color and make your space inviting.

Make sure your window treatments are doing their job. 

Heavy curtains or thermal lined blinds will help keep the heat in during winter, and light, airy curtains will help keep your home cool in summer.

Create a cozy space that's inviting

An interior designer once told me that a home should always look like someone is expecting company. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should look like you took the time to make it welcoming, warm, and inviting.

Add thermal lining to your curtains

Thermal lining can instantly warm up your space, feeling coziness from the inside out. Not only does it make your home feel warm, but it also insulates the cold or warm air from the outdoor element.

The right lighting makes everything look better.

Bright overhead lights are not inviting. Instead, use task lighting, table lighting, and floor lamps to create natural light, instant warmth, and an inviting glow. And don't forget the power of candlelight! This is key to creating a cozy living room.

Bonus: Make your home cozier by using fairy lights year-round. Fairy lights are not just for Christmas!

Use cozy elements like throw blankets. 

Soft Blankets are not just for looks - they can make your own home cozier by adding an extra layer of warmth. And family heirlooms add character and create a sense of history in your home.

Create a Kitchen island

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is also one of the most common gathering places in the house. To make it extra cozy, ensure you have an efficient kitchen with lots of storage, plus a comfy spot to sit and enjoy a cuppa. Place coffee tables in the kitchen, add texture like velvet pillows and choose good lighting that compliments your space. This great post here has more ideas on creating kitchen heaven.

Use Wood Accents

Lunya Founder and serial fashion entrepreneur Ashley Merrill says one of the best ways to make a space feel cozy is to use wood elements. "Whether it's hardwood floors, furniture, or even accent pieces( accent tables, wood shelving, etc.), wood creates a warm and natural feeling that can make a room feel more inviting," she explains.

Make sure your area rug is extremely cozy.

Area rugs are an easy way to add warmth and comfort to any living room. They can also be a great way to tie in different decorating styles of rooms or create a cohesive look throughout other spaces. Many area rugs also act as decorative pieces, adding an element that defines a space. Consider how the coffee table underneath a rug can add another element of coziness through texture - think knits, flannel, suede/leather, etc.

Dress up your door

This simple and fun DIY project has become very popular recently. Not only are doorstops beautiful, but they are also functional. Place one at the top of each staircase to create a decorative landing area for each floor and keep the doors from slamming shut. Paint the doorstops a contrasting color or design to tie it in with other decorative items throughout the room (i.e., pillows or picture frames).

These are just a few ideas to get a warm and cozy home. What are some of your favorite tips for getting that cozy feeling? Please share them in the comments below!


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