How to Update Your Bedroom for Summer?

August 29, 2022

Summer is a good time to update your bedroom with a new look. And you can enhance your bedroom without a big budget. You can update your bedroom by simply changing a few things. Look at the ideas listed below to get your bedroom ready for summer.

1. Paint your Bedroom Floor

You can paint a wood floor if it looks dull. If your carpet is still in good shape, clean it and leave it. If you have a tiled or hardwood floor, you can replace it with a more practical and reliable option. You may also include additional insulation to stay comfortable during the hot summer.

The bedroom walls would also look great with a new coat of paint. Be extra cautious when picking a paint colour by choosing one that will emphasize the season and brighten the room. If you have concerns about matching furniture, pick a neutral colour palette. Afterwards, you may add colour by hanging bold artwork on walls.

2. Declutter

Besides getting your bedroom ready for summer, decluttering also helps keep rooms looking fresh and organized. Start by removing everything from the bed, including the box spring and mattress. Go through every cabinet, closet, and drawer in your bedroom and eliminate everything that’s no longer useful. Remove all the clothes that you no longer wear. If there are some, you will use often, keep them in a drawer or hang them by the hook on the wall where they’ll be easily accessed. The items you don’t need can go to family or a charity.

3. Add Wall Art

Even small pieces of artwork significantly improve a room’s appearance. Artwork is an excellent way to illustrate your personality and add character to the room. Also, art acts as a good starting point when picking accent colours.

4. Upgrade your Bedding

If you change your bedroom, change your bedding to a light palette with light-fabric linen. This guarantees that your linens breathe when it’s warm outside and allow you to rest well whenever you want to lie down. You can choose a breezy and bright nautical palette, which includes white, maroon, and navy blue.

It’s also possible to transform the bedroom and make it feel like a summer holiday hotel room by having beach-themed bedding in coral and beige. Floral patterns also give a more rustic theme to make your bedroom look like an English summer garden.

5. Add More Plants

Plants are ideal for all rooms as they increase oxygen levels and provide fresh, breathable air, which is vital when preparing for summer weather. Furthermore, they add life and colour to a previously dull space. However, before adding plants, photograph the area where you want to place them to ensure that they match the rest of your bedroom décor.

6. Add Bright Colors

Your bedroom will look good with bright colours as they add style without being too overbearing. When considering colour, avoid too many khaki or grey tones as they will make you feel sleepy and tired instead of awake and energetic. Go for bright reds, oranges, yellows, greens or blues to create an exciting atmosphere to arouse your senses and energize you throughout the day. You can also include dashes of colour in neutral tones such as cream or white.

7. New Window Treatments

You should let in as much light as possible during the summer. Exposure to natural light improves mood and reduces your home’s cooling costs. Get new window treatments that will make a statement in your bedroom. The new window treatments should be noticeable if your bedroom has minimalistic items. For example, if you have beige walls, choose turquoise window curtains or a print if you want something bolder.

Remember to choose the suitable fabric for your window treatments. Do not buy too heavy curtains as the light will radiate off the material and make the room hotter. Instead, choose lighter transparent fabrics that allow light inside.


When considering a bedroom summer update, you should be realistic with your budget. You can completely redo your bedroom if you can afford the extra expense. Alternatively, set your budget and work with what is available. What you see on TV is excellent but may be too costly for you. After establishing a budget, plan a schedule. If you don’t have much time left in the day, allocate each task at a time, you don’t have to do everything at once. Set aside a day to paint, another to change your bedding, a weekend to get new window treatments, etc.


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