Hychika Circular Saws – A Guide

August 27, 2022

Buying the recommended tools for any job is desirable because only then one can ensure a job well done. Carpenters, and workers of interior designing always require saws. They have to cut through different types of materials like ply, ceramic, tiles, wood and other stuff and depending on your personal needs, there are multiple choices. The market is currently incredibly competitive, making it very difficult—if not impossible—to single out the best among them all. In terms of a particular feature, one may be superior to the other, but generally, it is quite challenging. However, we have compiled a list of the top circular saws by Hychika that you can trust.

Mini Circular Saw 500W 4.0A 4500RPM Pure Copper Motor (US/EU)

This compact circular saw is a versatile tool with an ergonomic design that comes with three blades, different blades for different materials. It goes off at a speed of 4500RPM thanks to a 4Amp Powerful Motor. Plus, the laser guide to keeping the cuts straight and the adjustable cutting depth make the cutting way easier than other tools. It has been designed to reduce fatigue, the long power cord that provides motility, the dust collection adapter to make the working environment clean, the safety switch, and the power indicator make it an all-around best. It is very quiet and is very easy to carry around due to its lightweight and the carrying case that comes with it. It comes at a very reasonable price which makes a good deal for both professionals and pro-DIYers.

Mini Circular Saw 750W 6.2A 3500RPM (US/EU)

This compact circular saw by Hychika is another brilliant tool that comes with 6 different blades, 2 of which are for wood cuts, 2 are for plastics and soft metals and 2 are for ceramic tiles. Due to this versatility in blades, the applications of this circular saw has been increased. This amazing cutting power can also be attributed to its powerful 750 W 6.2A copper motor that rotates the blades at 3500 RPM. The tiny circular saw guarantees a professional and accurate cutting line for cutting when used with the class 2 laser guide. The left-sided blade shape and red laser beam improve visibility during cutting. Straight, accurate cuts are easily and swiftly ensured with a Scale ruler attachment. Dust collection adapter keeps the area clean. This circular saw also allows you to change your cutting angle freely from 0-45 degrees and also with adjustable cutting depth ranging from 1-11/16" at 90 degrees and 1-1/8" at 45 degrees. There is a double protection switch that prevents the machine to be turned on accidentally. it’s a pretty sweet deal.

3.Cordless Mini Circular Saw, with 4.0Ah Battery, US/EU (20V/18V)

It may seem like a costly circular saw, but wait till you hear this. It is cordless! Meaning it is battery powered, and thus easier to handle and move. It comes with 3 different blades allowing multiple materials to be cut easily. With an adjustable angle of 0-45 degrees, it can reach a max cutting dept of 48mm at 90 degrees. It has a 4Ah battery that has a charger which can charge it in 2 hours. Reaching up to 3500 RPM, it can surely get your job done may it be soft metals, tiles, wood or others. Parallel guides and laser guides are present to ensure perfect cuts. There is a vacuum tube to keep chips from flying around while a perfect grip handle ensures that saw moves only where you want it to.

4.Circular Saw 1500W 4700RPM (EU/UK)

This is a more powerful handsaw that can reach greater speeds than the two before it and indeed cut to an even greater depth. The 1500W copper motor giving us speeds of 4700 RPM tell us how strong the motor is and how dangerous it can be when turned on accidentally. To prevent this, we have a double safety switch as with the other models. Two blades, 24 and 40 are available that allow us to cut through plastics, soft metals, ply and others. A maximum of 65mm cutting depth can be reached at 90 degrees while that of 45mm can be reached at 45 degrees. While cutting hard materials, set the speed, depth and angle before otherwise the saw may get stuck and overheat. A laser guide helps in getting straight cuts and an optimized slim grip provides great one hand control and less fatigue.

To sum up, all of these Hychika Circular Saws come with their perks. Some have a powerful motor and high speed than others, while another one is wireless providing easy movement and working at outdoor sites. Looking at what each of these offers, you can probably reach a decision according to your needs.

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