Interior door trends and how to pick the perfect interior door

August 20, 2022

In 2021, the colour trends were dark, grey, and neutral for doors. A bleak year for many, spent in lockdowns, working from home and an as-yet-uncertain future, has displaced these trends. Our homes have become our refuge and primary residence for a long time. Therefore, there is now a trend towards lighter, warmer tones for doors that seem to say, "We're ready to go back to normal times!”

Light tones

This year, more earthy shades such as Almond, Verade Oak, Bleached Oak, Golden Oak and less often Wenge are preferred. But along with these colours, light and pastel shades are sought after. For example, yellow adds a feeling similar to spring flowers. Looking for natural shades, warmth and comfort at home will create the perfect environment for relaxation, escape and restoring our senses.

When choosing an interior door trust a proven dealer and manufacturer to get a preliminary consultation on the parameters and qualities of the doors, as well as information on all the practicalities surrounding their installation and warranty. MGM Timber has been in the business for many years and has a great selection of doors and anything made of wood. We suggest checking them out, as we are sure you will find something you like.

Check MGM Timber’s selection of wooden doors, windows, stairs and more here.

Geometric accent

The other modern trends for doors this year are geometric shapes, squares, triangles and glass that refracts and transmits light. The combination of clean doors in almond colour combined with mouldings is also "top" at the moment. The broken and non-standard, combined with the classics and today's modernism, remain leading this year. All this aims to combine elegance and simplicity in our home with a good selection of interior doors.

“My home is my castle!”

The motto marked at least two years of our lives, left many negative emotions, and taught us to value home comfort and family fully. Be bold to create your interpretation of the interior, but don't forget the interior doors by matching them with your favourite mood-setting colours!

The important thing is that you are satisfied with the choice of interior doors, without necessarily following the latest and most modern.

How to pick the perfect interior door for your home

Choosing interior doors is not an easy task. Let's learn some practical tips!

Finding the right room door is one of the key elements influencing the final appearance of the arrangement.

First, consider the door leaf's opening method (left or right) according to the space and your convenience. This is a necessary decision that you need to make. Whether the door will be functional will depend on the opening direction. The wrong choice can be unpleasant when it turns out, for example, that the light switch will be placed behind the door leaf. How to tell the right door from the left? The answer is simple - if you stand in front of the door and check where the hinges are - on your right - you are dealing with the right door, and if they are opposite, on the left - with the left door.

How to match the door with the interior style? A few words about colours.

If you are at the stage of building a house or renovating an apartment, remember that the door should reflect the style of the interior as best as possible. Interior doors do not need to be the same throughout the home, and they must correspond to the function of a certain interior and the style in which it is arranged. Ideally, the door should conform to the adjacent surfaces, i.e. walls and floor. These elements do not need to have the same tone - however, the main style in which the interior will remain is important here. So if you want to follow modern trends, choose greater contrasts, for example, by combining yellow doors with oak panels and white walls. In the case of a more classic arrangement, you can choose a door that blends with the colours of the walls or floor.

How to choose the perfect door?

It doesn't matter what style you prefer, but it's good to have a maximum of three colours in the room. This will help you avoid chaos in the overall look and use the space better without the impression of unnecessary clutter. It is also necessary to consider that if all the doors in the house are in one colour, they should match all the rooms, not just one of them. Also, the way you open the door is extremely important! This should follow the area and function of the room. If you follow these tips, you will choose the right doors that will beautify your interior for years to come!

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