Landscape Paving: An Easy Guide On How To Choose The Right

August 4, 2022


Landscape Paver In 2022

\Landscape paving can be defined as a durable and attractive material used for covering an area of land. The material is often installed in residential areas to protect the underlying turf from damage and to provide a surface for recreational use or occasionally vehicular traffic. Landscape paving materials are manufactured with durability in mind, but they come in many different textures, colours, shapes and styles basis their purpose. Landscaping in Sydney is especially popular when it comes to design and durability.


Much like the other products, there are a lot of options when it comes to landscaping paving materials. For example: Are you looking for something on the lighter side? There are stones made of limestone or granite which can have unique patterns due to their cut edges or surface texture. To have some landscaping done for your own home, you could google residential landscaping near me. This article will take you through some ideas for pavers.

How Does Residential Landscaping Affect Your Home?

The landscaping around your home is often the first thing people notice, therefore it impacts its value. You could say that your home's exterior is an advertisement for what it looks like on the inside. Landscaping material helps homeowners create curb appeal while maintenance-free materials are an excellent way to protect against shovelling and waste removal. It also helps reduce heating costs by absorbing sunlight.

When you embark on a residential landscaping project, you'll want to talk with your landscaper about materials and methods of installation. Here are some common choices:

Concrete pavers are a great solution for placing on a patio or walkway. Another great option is having an artificial grass installation in Sydney!

What Are Some Good Pavers?

  • Limestone

Limestone pavers have been a favourite for landscapers for a very long time due to their sturdiness, aesthetic appeal and variety of choices. Most limestone pavers are cut from quarries and can vary in colour based on the amount of iron pyrite in their composition. This makes them attractive for use in swimming pools as the patina will change with exposure to chlorine. The more iron pyrite present in the stone, the better it will resist staining from pool chemicals. If your plan is to install limestone pavers around your pool area, make sure you take into account how they may be affected by chlorination and make sure that remain consistent.

  • Quebec Gray

Quebec grey paver is a type of limestone with dark grey spots that one might think would detract from the overall appearance. The nice thing about Quebec stone is that these surface spots are decorative and add character to the stone. It is easy to see why these pavers have been used for so long when it comes to paving patios! Some of the best landscapers in Sydney strongly recommend this one.

  • Key Largo Limestone

This limestone comes in shades of grey, purple and tan. They are known for their circular holes which are created by a naturally occurring process called "coral rock weathering. ” The finish is particularly unique because the stones are washed to a sheen, unlike many of the other choices on this list.

  • Georgia Peach Stone

This stone is a bit more expensive than the others mentioned here, but it has an attractive appearance that will really catch your eye! It is composed of sedimentary layers that have been compressed into limestone over millions of years and then cut into square blocks by hand or by machine. This gives it a beautiful texture and makes it very sturdy for use as paving stones which is what makes it such a popular choice for landscaping in Sydney.

  • Basalt

Also known as graystone, this tile is one of the most popular for residential uses! The stone itself comes from volcanic activity and is made up of very fine grains. This gives it a soft, smooth texture that makes it ideal for use around pools, especially in areas where there is a high level of exposure to pool chemicals. When you are thinking of getting a quote just google residential landscape near me, basalt will likely be among the options available to you.


Landscape in Sydney is an important element of the overall design of some homes. It not only provides protection from wear and tear, but it also improves the visual appeal of your property in a way that few other elements can. Some of the best landscapers in Sydney will be able to help you choose the right material for your needs and incorporate it into your home's existing structure. If you are still unsure about what might work best for your specific needs, consider getting some professional advice or looking online for examples to see what others have done with similar products.


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