Looking for the Perfect Time to Renovate Your House?

August 15, 2022

According to estate agents in Winslow, almost more than half of homeowners plan to start the process of renovating their homes or extending their homes a year prior to the actual renovation. But have you ever wondered when is the best time of the year to do home renovations? Is it the summer season when the weather in the UK is more or less predictable?  Or is the winter the best time to start such projects?

The ideal time to renovate your home:

When it comes to planning any renovation project, the best time of the year actually depends on personal circumstances and situations.

Here is a universal guide and tips on the best time of the year to do renovations and save money at the same time. We will be taking a look at each season.


If you have plans to renovate the outdoor area like the garden or remodel the kitchen extension or even add a double-storey to your house, spring is the best time to do it. It is the perfect weather to do the brickwork as long as it does not rain too much. Rain is never good when it comes to laying bricks.

You should also consider such projects in spring that can be completed by the time summer is here. So it is important to plan the timings of your projects accordingly.

If you plan on making the most of the outdoor space of your property, getting the renovations done in spring will let you put your hair done in the summer and enjoy the time spent outside.

Tips on planning:

The planning for spring renovations should start from the previous year’s autumn. This will allow you with enough time to find professionals to get the job done and whenever you are planning on getting any kind of extension, you will also need to apply for a permit (Permitted Development) at the local council which can easily take up to six weeks to get sanctioned.


  • Best time for outdoor renovations
  • Days begin to get longer


  • Most favoured time for renovations, so do not start planning in February for a spring renovation.
  • Professionals will be booked up.


If you are planning on getting an upgrade for your boiler and the central heating system, warmer months are the best time to take up such projects. Any kind of timber work can be taken up in summer since timber needs to be as dry as possible. Summer is also ideal for repairing and/or replacing the roof.

Replastering jobs can be done in the summer months. Take up kitchen projects during the warmer days. You can set up a barbeque outside in the garden for a few days and make do with the kitchen undergoing a renovation.

Tips on planning:

Most energy companies tend to offer good deals on new boilers and central heating systems during the summer season. So plan your renovation accordingly.


  • The warmer temperature and longer days mean the work can be completed quickly.
  • The availability of seasonal labourers is helpful.


  • Children might get in the way of renovations due to the summer holidays in schools.


Autumn is the ideal time for outdoor electrical work like new garden lighting or electrical heaters. Basement renovations also can be taken up since most of the work is done indoors.

Digging foundations and laying a new driveway can also be done. Paint jobs will dry out quickly during this season.

Tips on Planning:

For autumn renovations, the planning needs to start in summer. You will be able to find out if new lighting is required or if the heating needs to be installed somewhere.


  • Some home renovation projects can be completed before Christmas.
  • Easy to source materials in comparison to summer.


  • Days are shorter and the weather becomes unpredictable.
  • Not the best time to get electrical jobs done as it gets dark early.


Internal structural works such as removing a wall for open living, replacing doors, remodelling the bathroom or redecorating a small room can be done during winter.

Tips on Planning:

Professionals are booked out for months, so any serious structural changes need to be planned as early as possible.


  • Something fun to focus on during dull winter days


  • Snow and bad weather leading to delayed deliveries.
  • Increased cost of raw materials.

Bottom Line:

Home renovation is all about planning and proper execution. We hope this guide helped you understand what kind of renovations can be done for every season. Good luck!


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