Modern & Contemporary Bedroom Decor Ideas 2022

August 31, 2022

How different are modern bedroom ideas in 2022 compared to previous years? While the average person might not be aware of the constantly changing world of design, some of us enjoy keeping up with contemporary trends, especially for bedroom decorating.

The world of bedroom interior design ideas is a personal one. Even small bedroom decor ideas can impact the atmosphere and aesthetics of our sleeping chambers. Contemporary bedroom ideas combine all aspects of interior design and decor. Today, we’re going to take you through a collection of bedroom ideas for small rooms, big rooms and everything in between.

Go Natural

Arguably the best way to soften the look and contrast those hard surfaces in your room is to invest in plants. Plants provide not only an aesthetic purpose, but they are also incredibly healthy by purifying the air in your home and absorbing the humidity in your room. Plants can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, giving you a plethora of options that will match the vibe of your room and take it to the next level. Social media is your best friend for design inspiration, so hop on the gram’ and start stylising today!

Contrast Is King

With every bedroom decorating rule or suggestion comes some kind of design contradiction. Modern bedroom decor ideas often stick to a single theme for more straightforward, seamless design ideas in the bedroom. However, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention the king of bedroom ideas and aesthetic contrast.

A common term among creatives, contrast, is considered the golden rule of any creation. The difference between light and dark, warm and cool, hard and soft, opposing colours, textures, size and so on; the contrast is achieved when contrasting elements are arranged together.

Think dark on light, light on dark, dark to light and back again. Or complementary colours (sitting opposite each other on the colour wheel), red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet.

Sticking With Your Theme

Don’t stray from the aesthetic room decor ideas you’ve chosen. Choosing complimentary decorations for your bedroom furniture is integral if you want to stick with your theme.

If your bedhead is wood and wicker, and so are your bedside tables, then your best bet is to couple it all with a bedside table lamp made from timber.

Decorate Your Senses

Not every decoration is for your eyes or even for physical comfort. Sometimes, your sense of smell needs some aesthetic room decor. Tie everything together with a fragrance to elevate your room. Choose scented candles for that authentic flicker and aroma, or an essential oil diffuser, for more flexibility with scents and fragrances.

Always keep your bedroom theme in mind when choosing a scent! For rustic and beachy vibes, go with a sent like Glasshouse Montego Bay Rythm. To match luxury sophistication and modern-day contemporary living aesthetics, choose the Peppermint Grove Australia Lemongrass & Lime Diffuser.

Your bedroom is the ultimate place to relax and recharge after a hectic day. Get the best of both worlds by designing your room to look aesthetic while being the most comfortable room in your house.

A simple way to add warmth to your bedroom is with earthy tones and features. Go as detailed as oak panelling or as simplistic as a wallpaper emulating a wood finish. If that doesn’t suit your vibe, add cozy rugs and calming colours in your room to develop a more minimalistic comfort vibe.

The More Pillows, The Merrier

Pillows are a necessary part of aesthetic room decor, developing the final layer to your contemporary room decor. They can immediately add personality and enhance the aesthetic of your room without overpowering your other decoration choices.

Finding the right balance between colour and size is critical, especially for synergy with your bed sheets and textures in your room. But let’s start with the easy part first. How many pillows do you want versus how many do you need?

According to sleep experts, you should only sleep with one pillow at a time. But we’re not discussing how to improve your sleep. We’re talking modern bedroom decor ideas, so the more pillows, the merrier, we say!

Next is the arrangement of your pillow. We recommend going from largest to smallest. Start with the biggest, like European pillows, followed by your standard pillows, and work your way down to any throw pillows you may have.

Once you’ve determined the arrangement of your pillows, the next step is colour. Go for subtle colourways to harmonise the details of your new pillow arrangement with the existing textures and colour palettes in your room.

Neon Vibes

While neon lights stereotypically encapsulate the atmosphere of dive bars and storefronts, they’ve become a revelation for modern interior design, and we’re all for it. Remember, a successful neon integration is about establishing relationships with the rest of your room decor. Showcase your personality with a witty statement or short quote, aligning the colour scheme with your room's artwork or wallpaper. Nothing is worse than a neon sign that sticks out like a sore thumb.

An Artistic Statement Piece

Like neon vibes, artworks can make or break your room’s interior design. Art can lighten and complement the natural colour palette in your room, providing a statement piece that encapsulates all the core details you’ve worked so hard to showcase. If you aren’t a big fan of art, choose a neutral piece that draws attention to other features in your room. We highly recommend a combination of furniture or plants - it’s an excellent way to establish salience toward the more essential components in your room.


"To invoke the curated cluttercore trend and repurpose, store, and show off your items with flair, incorporate clashing tones, rich and textured materials with contrasting structures to provide a feeling of richness within the home," says Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland.

Your Bedroom Needs a Comfy Chair

While many may skip out on this addition, a comfortable bedroom chair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. A suitable desk chair creates a new focal point that can subtly contribute to your room's existing colour or pattern scheme. Alternatively, they may also serve as a clever way to ensure no overwhelming features by contrasting material, pattern or colour.

Invisible Storage

One of the most hideous aspects of interior design universally agreed upon is obnoxious and outdated visible storage units. Interior design is as much about what you can see as what you can’t see. Though it may seem paradoxical, concealing your storage units is a forward-thinking design choice that, when revealed, can demonstrate not just the functionality of your bedroom but the thoughtful design choices that went into creating it.

Sustainable and Reused Materials

The increasing need for environmentally friendly practices is more critical now than ever, and your bedroom interior design is no exception. Join the universal trend of incorporating recycled materials into your home by investing in high-quality reusable products that will last you for years.

Kids Still Love Bunkbeds

Bunkbeds have always been and will continue to be the coolest sleeping arrangement solution for kids worldwide. Bunkbeds are an ergonomic option due to their verticality and added storage options. They are available in hundreds of colours, designs and configurations, providing plenty of playful opportunities for your children.

Bring Back The Four-Poster Canopy Bed

Style your room to be fit for a king by investing in a traditional four-poster canopy bed- the ultimate bedroom accessory. While traditionally, they possess massive carved oak detailing and tapestry, many modern alterations suit the contemporary style of bedroom decor. Take advantage of modern material and play around with velvet, silk and embroidery for your canopy to see what best suits your bedroom style.

Who’s Staying The Night?

Just as customising your room should be a priority, so is taking care of your guests to ensure they feel right at home in your spare room. Add bright paint and fun artwork to liven the room while exploring boogie accessories such as stylish neon lights, animal print rugs, or pillows. You can even make it a multi-functional space through a sleeper couch, so you can use the room to relax when there are no guests. The possibilities are endless.

Smart Lighting

Your choice of bedroom decor is futile without the correct lighting to accentuate its features, position and purpose in your room. Smart lighting is an idyllic way to manually adjust the colour and brightness level of the lights in your room with the tap of a button. You can drastically increase the comfort level in your room or highlight specific decor, giving your room a modern edge over traditional lighting systems. Plus, you can also set up automatic schedules to light your bedroom throughout the day or as a replacement for your alarm clock. The options are endless with smart lighting and bedroom decor.

Contemporary Bedroom Decor with Minimax

Building the perfect modern interior design for your bedroom will take some time, regardless of your style or design preferences. Rather than overload yourself with an entire day's worth of bedroom decorating, allocate enough time to find bedroom decor ideas that can be gradually integrated into your room.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. That is if you know where to look. Discover an abundance of modern bedroom ideas and decorations to suit your aesthetic, from velvet pillows and Mongolian Rugs to vases and ceramic pots. Browse an extensive range of entertaining ideas for your life!


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