Natural And Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas

August 30, 2022

There are numerous types of natural home décor items. Live plants are the most evident, but they are not just the only ones. Incorporating natural decor items into your interiors adds a raw and earthy appeal to the overall decor. Using decorative pieces made of natural materials like jute, clay, wood, and ceramics is a wonderful way to bring the outside inside. Textiles made of natural fibers and patterns inspired by nature can also be added. In this article, we will share some of the budget-friendly and extremely gorgeous natural decor ideas for your home.

Indoor Plants

A variety of plants is necessary to make your space feel warm and inviting. Small and large indoor plants work well as statement pieces because they offer height and balance to any space. For a striking splash of nature in your living room or doorway, choose the well-liked fiddle-leaf fig, Kentia palm, or dracaena. Add vibrant splashes of color all over your room with flowering plants such as Pink Anthurium, White Poinsettia, and Hoya Carnosa. Hanging plants from the ceiling is another method to use as decor. Hanging planters like snake plants are a major trend in interior design right now and make the ideal option for apartments and areas with limited shelf space. These low-maintenance inexpensive indoor plants can be a great addition to your home décor.

Kitchen garden

Don't leave the kitchen while decorating your home. Just like having indoor plants in your home, making a kitchen garden is also an inexpensive and great idea to add greenery and coziness to your kitchen. Take a corner near the window and grow some herbs there such as rosemary, oregano, coriander, or even mint. These herbs will add freshness, fragrance, and greenery to the kitchen. And most importantly, you will get fresh herbs to add to your kitchen anytime. A kitchen garden is perfect for the decor of the kitchen as it also helps to improve the air quality and reduce the bad odors.

Himalayan Salt Lamps/ Candle Holders

You will be amazed to know that you can use salt items for the decor of your home. Not just any salt but Himalayan pink salt is hand carved to make beautiful-looking salt lamps and candle holders. These decor items are 100% natural and easy to pocket. Available in different designs and sizes, these salt lamps can be placed anywhere in the home to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal. Just switch these lamps on and enjoy their stunning orange-pink glow that is so gentle on the eyes. Placing these lamps at the entrance or mantle creates a welcoming environment.

Unlike normal candle holders, the Himalayan pink salt candle holders are natural and stunning. You can use any candle or votive to place in these holders. Perfect for enjoying a serene candlelight dinner with your loved ones. You can visit Ittefaq salt to know more about these salt décor items.

Jute Rug

Add a casual yet classy touch to the decor with budget-friendly and eco-friendly jute rugs. These neutral beige color rugs are ideal for any choice of interior or exterior. Not just for people but also for homes, first impressions are quite significant. An attractive jute rug can elevate the doorway. A jute runner rug is the ideal choice for a galley-type kitchen since it adds flair and visually lengthens the room.

If the room is small, a jute rug with a straightforward geometric border might give a stylish accent without overwhelming it. The living room's decor can be more appealing by adding a jute rug.


Perhaps one of the oldest crafts is pottery. Clay pots were created by our ancestors because they needed to store food. As time passed, the pots became increasingly ornamental, and new materials and methods paved the way for contemporary pottery. Pottery, especially handmade pottery, is a wonderful way to add personality and character to a space. The best aspect about pottery is that it can be utilized anywhere in the home, even though it looks great displayed on a shelf or table.

Using pottery in your home is a wonderful opportunity to explore texture and add an earthy feel. Pottery can be a great accent to a minimalist interior design. Pottery comes in many forms and sizes, making it the ideal decor for uniform design. Whether used on shelves and tables in the living room or across a mantelpiece, it has established itself as a decent decor element.

You can use gorgeously glazed pots or ceramics for your indoor plants instead of basic terra clay ones. Select pots that enhance rather than compete with the plant's beauty.

Woven Baskets

Baskets are inexpensive, portable, and attractive decor pieces that can be displayed anywhere in your space. These baskets are not only used for organizing things but also add value to the decor. Tan and other neutral-colored baskets can be utilized in every room, but you can also choose something dramatic. The baskets woven with different bright colors have a lot of individuality to go with the rest of the space.

Beautiful ornamental accents can be created by using baskets as planters. To give your place a more modern feel, a gallery wall using traditional African baskets above sofas.


All the above-mentioned natural products are not just great for the decor but the environment. Using them for decor adds energy, soul, and value to your space. You can get all of them or some for your home and play with the texture according to your taste.

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