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August 25, 2022

Noah Schnapp is a 20-year-old actor who has been in the acting scene since he was 6 years old. He's best known for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix series Stranger Things, where he plays a boy who gets lost in a parallel universe after playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.

Noah Schnapp's first big break came when he starred in the Academy Award-winning movie Bridge of spies in 2015. Before landing his breakout role on Stranger Things, he also had roles in The Peanut Movie and The Tutor.

In real life, Schnapp is a new freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. In a bubbly video uploaded to social media, he gushed about his admission and how The University of Pennsylvania has been his first choice since he was a kid. Only the best are accepted into the University. If you regularly asked someone to do my assignment for me and used services that only produce homework, getting into this University will be quite difficult for you.

About the University of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the world's top universities. It's been around for over two centuries and has made a name for itself with its research and education programs. It is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. It is also one of the eight Ivy League Universities.

School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), School of Nursing (SON), and Wharton School are the four undergraduate schools within the University. The University also has twelve graduate and professional schools, including the Graduate School of Education (GSE), School of Law (LAW), Annenberg School for Communication (ANN), and Fels Institute of Government (FELS).

A review is always beneficial to read, and the University of Pennsylvania ranks among the most competitive acceptance rates, according to one. It is a staple for Art, Science, and Business Education in the Country.

Notable Alums From the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League university with a strong academic reputation. Its alums include 30 heads of state, 79 Nobel Prize winners, 29 billionaires, and 61 Pulitzer Prize winners (both first place and runner-up). The University also has one of the best theater programs in the country—so it makes sense that Schnapp would want to attend this prestigious school. Here are some notable alums that attended the University of Pennsylvania:

  • Elon Musk
  • Noam Chomsky
  • John Legend
  • Donald Trump
  • Shakira

What we know about Noah Schnapp's Stay at the University of Pennsylvania

Noah Schnapp shared that he's had his heart set on attending Penn since he was a little kid. "It's just been my dream school forever," he said. Schnapp admitted that being away from friends and family will be quite hard, but he is ready to be on his own.

Schnapp said of Penn, "I wanted to be surrounded by people who were like-minded, driven, creative." He added that he was also interested in attending a college where he could get a good education, noting: "It depends on what you want out of your experience."

Housing and Dormitory options at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has 13 housing options spread across the campus for over 5,500 undergraduates. Five houses are for first-year students only, four are upper-class houses, and the other four are for students across all years. Students must stay on campus for their first two years of college compulsorily, so Noah Schnapp will likely be in one of the freshman housing on campus unless an exception is made due to his fame. The housing options include:

  • Fisher Hasenfeld (Freshmen)
  • Hill (Freshmen)
  • Kings Court English (Freshmen)
  • Ware (Freshmen)
  • Riepe (Freshmen)
  • Guttman (Upperclass)
  • Harnwell (Upperclass)
  • Harrison (Upperclass)
  • Rodin (Upperclass)
  • Gregory (four-year)
  • Lauder (four-year)
  • Stouffer (four-year)
  • W.E.B. Du Bois (four-year)

Choosing Dormitories at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of dormitories, including the traditional freshman dorms and the state-of-the-art upperclassmen houses.

Freshman dorms are located on campus close to dining halls and academic buildings. They're made up of three-story buildings with roughly 25 to 50 students. Most freshmen live in double rooms, while some may be assigned single rooms if no more double rooms are available. Freshmen must live in these dorms for two years unless they receive special permission from the Office of Housing Services.

Upperclassmen's houses are located throughout the city of Philadelphia, most within walking distance to campus. These smaller communities usually house about 30 residents sharing common spaces such as lounges and kitchens. Students choose their roommates but must inform their assigned Residential Life Coordinator before moving into their new home.

Since Noah Schnapp is a freshman, let's check out the freshmen college dorm options he might likely stay in.

Fisher Hasenfeld College House

Community empowerment, personal empowerment, and inclusive practices are the tenets of the Fisher Hasenfeld College house. The rooms are designed in traditional style with single and double types and community bathrooms.

Hill College House

The Hill college house is located at a vantage point, allowing easy access to campus academic rooms, canteens, and other hot spots. The rooms are also traditional, and the students and staff uphold four pillars highly, which are the Hill House way: empower, explore, engage, and express.

Kings Court English College House

If Schnapps loves nature and the calm breeze, he would definitely lodge in the Kings Court English House. The dorm is vibrant, lively, and social with low-rise buildings, a garden, and a courtyard. Here you will find fun, friendship, peer learning, and leadership.

Ware College House

The Ware College house is simply bustling with activity. One of the largest dorms on campus, it features traditional single and double dorm rooms. It also has an adjoining cafe open to all residents and is surrounded by historic architecture.

Riepe College House

Veritas et Honestas, which translates to "Truth and Honor," is this house's flag-bearing motto. As usual, the dorms are traditional style with single and double rooms. The environment is warm and serene, with good food, music, and laughter surrounding all the students and staff.


It is admirable that Noah Schnapp plans to go to college even though he is successful in the entertainment industry. He wants a more well-rounded education, a better understanding of his craft, and more about other disciplines. We're sure Noah Schnapp will continue to do great things, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him!


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