Patterns 101: How To Use Pattern Tiles In Your Home Renovation Project?

August 12, 2022


With patterns you can play with the design of the space and you can create your own space as per your expectations. The addition of different patterns in different colours or shapes can have a great impact on the overall look of the space and can help you add your personal stamp to your home. Pattern tiles can help add a unique touch to the space in a cost effective manner, which is exactly what homeowners are looking for with respect to their renovation projects. Here are some tips on how to use pattern tiles in your renovation project.


Use Pattern Tiles In Small Spaces Like Bathrooms

Bathrooms are small spaces, but creatively, you can do a lot. Of course, keeping safety in mind, you can install germ-free and anti-skid tiles that will keep the flooring intact and durable for the longest time. With multiple options in pattern tiles these days, you can play around with different patterned tiles be it floral, abstract, geometric, art-inspired and so on. While too many patterns can overwhelm a small space, you can still mix and match certain patterns that creates an experiential space.


Patterned Tile Feature Flooring

Cement flooring or cement-design floor tiles are also at the top of upcoming trends in pattern tiles. They help create a rustic and warm vibe that can have a great impact on your house. Encaustic floor tiles, for example, are nothing but ceramic tiles with different patterns without the glaze, but they do have a mixture of various colours in them. They can sustain heavy foot traffic and last long - making them a great and cost effective choice for your home.


Patterned Kitchen Backsplash

For those who do not like to meddle with too much clutter when it comes to colours, designs and patterns, you can stick to one pattern and make it stand out. For instance, in a kitchen if you have an all white decor, you can mix things up by adding some Moroccan, mosaic or brightly coloured patterned tiles to the backsplash area. This will give you an understated space with one bright area that catches the eye.


Stick To One Pattern

Instead of playing with one too many patterns on your floor as well as walls, it is best to limit patterns to one particular area. The flooring can have a simple glazed surface or glossy finish tiles and the walls can have eye-catching wall paints, wall papers or wall tiles that can make the individual space stand out. Sticking to one pattern here can help you make this minimal and yet make a maximalist statement. You can even switch things up and opt for solid walls with brightly patterned floors for a unique and mesmerising look.


Use As An Accent Tile

You can highlight certain areas of your space using patterned tiles. A well-placed feature wall in the living room can have a huge impact on the overall look of the space. You can also use mosaic tiles to create a small piece of art on the accent wall as they are quite versatile and can be used to your benefit. Patterns in small doses can help create a focal point for a space, without coming off as too overbearing. Some of the other spaces where pattern tiles can be used to emphasise on certain aspects or create accent pieces are bathrooms (splashback, behind the commode, behind the mirror or behind the bathtub or shower area), kitchens (backsplash area or a feature wall), bedroom (feature wall behind the television or bed), office (subtle pattern accent wall at the entrance or cubicle are), and lobby areas (pattern wall at the entrance or near the lift).


Patterns can be tricky to incorporate, especially if you prefer a minimalistic look, but if used right, you can get great results. They help bring depth and character to a blank space, and give a different tonality to the house. You can experiment with various patterns and use them on walls, floors or both, depending upon your vision for the space. As a rule of thumb try to not use more than 3 different or distinct patterns in a space, especially a smaller space like a bathroom. This is because too many patterns can create a busy look and make the space seem claustrophobic. But, the addition of custom tile patterns, however subtle the design or colour may be, can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space.


Author Bio: Mahima Rawat works with the content team at Orientbell Tiles, where she creates interesting lifestyle pieces on home and interior design. She loves presenting options to her readers so they can make the right choices when it comes to their home interiors. Flooring and tiles are her favourite topics. Besides interior design, she also loves to travel, play badminton and listen to music.

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