The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Design

August 21, 2022

Whether you live in the city or a suburban home, you want your living space to be as cosy and comfy as possible whilst also being presentable to guests. But achieving this standard isn’t as easy as it seems on TV, despite how effortless they make it look.

Most fancy shows get their ideas from professional interior designers, meaning the average person is prone to many mistakes. But that is no reason to give up and be contemptuous of what you have. So, to help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes, put together in this guide are some of the dos and don’ts you must know for interior design.

Do Invest in High-Quality Furniture

It’s easy to experience a great deal of shock when it comes to furniture shopping, and the common reaction is to dive straight into the cheap section. While luxury furniture pieces may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, they will soon prove to be a sound investment over time.

High-quality furniture can offer you many years of beautiful and comfortable service if properly maintained. On the other hand, cheaper furniture will tend to break down and is much more prone to wear and tear. You are ultimately resulting in you having to buy more furniture shortly down the line.

It doesn’t always have to break the bank either. By researching high-quality brands and shopping the clearance sections at reliable stores, you can find fantastic deals to take advantage of.

By investing in good quality furniture, you are ensuring that you are getting what you pay for. More quality tends to mean better comfort, and that’s all you can ask for at the end of the day. The upfront payment may be daunting, but rest assured, knowing that you will soon see the value in your investment.

Do Use a Dramatic Colour in a Small Space

Painting a large-scale room with a striking colour can be quite a significant risk. Although it may not always turn out bad, it’s better to use dramatic colours in smaller rooms like a hallway or computer room. While painting in darker colours, for example, can sometimes make a room feel heavy or gloomy, it works better to draw attention to a specific room area if it is small in size. This could be through having a desk or unit that you may want to stand out.

So, if you’re looking for a unique colour in your home, why not start with a small space first? It’s much more likely to look better.

Do Make the Most of Your Lighting

Regarding interior design, lighting is arguably the most important part of any room, and it should always be well planned into your budget with quality products in mind. Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space and ultimately helps to bring all the surrounding interior to life.

Great lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots in the room, and draws attention to the most impressive areas. It is all about how you balance the light and how you can bring that new energy into the room.

Similarly to furniture, you don’t want to skimp on lighting either. Pouring your money into poor-quality lighting will do more harm than good and can hold back the striking look your room deserves. Investing in good quality lighting will help light the room appropriately with the right brightness and balance. You will thank yourself later down the line.

Don’t Pick Your Paint Colour First

Some interior design tips, like this one, can sound strange at first, but it is recommended that you don’t pick your paint colour first when designing a room. There is an entire rainbow of colours to choose from, and the original colour you had in mind will likely change after you pick up some furniture. Seeing what furniture you are opting for beforehand will help lead you to choose the right colour; after all, furniture is usually the most expensive part, so you will want to formulate around it.

It is much easier to find upholstery or accessories that match a wall colour than vice versa.

Don’t Have Everything Matching

Interior showrooms and catalogues are designed to sell furniture, not show you how you should live. Trying to go for that ‘perfect’ look is not a good route to take at times.

Rather you should create a lived-in look that is uniquely personalised to you. Using different pieces of furniture and accents that will catch the eye is a great way to do so and inject some personality into your space.

To Conclude

It’s not an easy process designing the interior of space all by yourself, but by clueing yourself up on some of the common dos and don’ts, you will at least be on the right path. Best of luck with your interior design journey!


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