Things You Should Do Before You Hire Removalists

August 10, 2022


Moving is one of the most exciting events that a person can go through, no matter if you are moving into a new home or a new studio for work. However, no matter how fun moving is, there are always things that you can do in order to make it more fun and less frustrating. While you might not want to follow all the advice we are giving you, picking up a few is certainly suggested.

Make sure the removalists operate for your destination range

One of the most important things to consider when you are hiring removalists to move your items to a new destination is to actually check if they operate in your area before you hire them. Of course, most interstate removalists will immediately tell you if they cover the distance from your current location to the new one, but certain companies will somehow not do that.

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Make the job easier for yourself and removalists by packing items into boxes

Protect all of your items

While moving, even if it is quite uncommon for removalists to damage any of your items, as most professional companies will treat your items like they are their own, you should protect your items. Sometimes the inevitable can happen, and depending on what kind of items you are moving, if they are not protected, they are bound to break if the moving truck has to do a sudden break due to someone else in the traffic.

That is why protecting fragile items is essential. The best way to go on about it is to purchase protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap. However, if you are on a tight budget and if you are moving from your current home into a new one, there is a fantastic solution for you.

In such a scenario, since you will be moving your clothes anyway, you can use the clothes to protect fragile items from being damaged. The most useful part about this “life hack” is to cover glasses with socks, and plates with hoodies or other thick tops. Of course, if you use clothes as protection for your fragile items, unpacking and organizing the clothes will take a bit more time.

Note all of the items that need to be moved

In case you are moving only some of your items and not everything you own, it is very important to note which items you would like to get moved to your new destination. This is especially the case if you happen to leave items packed in separate rooms instead of putting them in the hallway or somewhere where the removalists will have easy access to them.

If you happen to be away and you cannot put all the items intended for moving into a single room, always remember to note items that you would like to have packed and where the removalists are able to find them. It is best if you could have a friend go over and organize everything beforehand as well.

Pack items correctly

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are moving is that they pack items at random, which makes unpacking take incredibly long, and it is usually a bit frustrating too. That is why you should consider using boxes and labeling them in rooms where the items that are packed within are from.

Of course, some bigger items cannot fit into boxes, but you will not have an issue figuring out where those items go anyway, but for smaller items, such as utensils, bathroom items, and other specific types of items that can be grouped, you should always label the boxes with them and pack them together.

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Labeling will make unpacking much easier

Hire from a reputable company

The most important thing when it comes to hiring removalists is to hire a company that you can trust not only with your items but also with the time frame where your items will be moved. That is why you should do research and hire someone like Balmain removals if they happen to be in your area.

You want your move to go according to your plan and not someone else’s, which is why hiring a company with a good reputation and customer feedback is essential. Naturally, you also want to book them a couple of weeks in advance.

Final Word

Our final piece of advice is to make sure that the destination where the removalists are delivering the items is completely ready for moving in. If you happen to have some electric work or other kinds of work that would require the items to be moved around or stay packed, try to finish that work before you hire removalists to bring the items from your old home or working environment.


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