What Celebrities Look for When Purchasing a Property

August 31, 2022

We all know celebrities live on the lavish side of life, but what do they look for in a property? Many celebrities flock to the likes of Los Angeles, telling us they prefer to be together and get plenty of sunshine. According to Nine, the most expensive celebrity home bought in 2021 belongs to Evan Spiegel (Snapchat CEO), which lets us know they’re still splashing the big cash around. To find out what celebrities search for in their dream homes, continue reading below.

Cosy and Safe Locations

If you’ve ever seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you’ll know that celebrities tend to keep the company of other celebrities. Typically, you will find them gravitating towards Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Doing this provides them with safety because the houses are all protected, and they’re surrounded by like-minded people. Also, they try to find properties in the most-searched destinations, which is why you’ll find many celebs living in New York, especially around Broadway and Midtown Manhattan. This trend is the same worldwide, in the likes of London and Paris, where celebrities buy themselves what the French call a “pied-à-terre”.

Privacy Is Key

Celebrities are constantly subject to paparazzi and tabloids, but they’re human beings that like to keep their lives private where they can - unless your last name is Kardashian. Therefore, celebrity homes tend to have high walls surrounding the perimeter, as well as plenty of high trees in and around the garden. On top of this, they’re not afraid to splash the cash and will have high-quality security systems and often place hire guards to secure the perimeter.

Plenty of Sunshine

Celebrities typically spend more time indoors than out, especially when recording music or shooting movies. Therefore, when they’re off work, they like to make the most out of that glorious sunshine. Therefore, you will find large, windowed walls and skylights that capture as many rays as possible.

Oftentimes, because of the versatility, you will find system aluminium windows in their homes. When celebrity houses are designed, the aim is to seamlessly blend the house and the garden, which is achieved through foldable glass doors that let the fresh air in.

In the search of sunshine, many celebrities buy holiday homes in sunny destinations like Malta, but the location is just as important as back home. In a recent podcast, The Art Of Selling Expensive Properties, Tania, an established agent from maltasothebysrealty was quoted saying "high profile clients look for local expertise, privacy, great views, large, bright and airy rooms and affluent neighbourhoods.".

A House for Entertainment

Celebrities enjoy spending time with family and friends, and sometimes hit the lavish LA hotels for a spot of privacy. However, for the most part, they host their loved ones in their own home, which is why celeb homes need to be extremely large. Typically, celebrity properties will be packed full of entertainment to keep adults and kids entertained including nightclubs, pools with water polo nets, and some of them even have bowling alleys and restaurants. For more insane celebrity features, check out these articles from Strange Buildings.

Bigger Is Better

To the average person, the thought of having an enormous home is mortifying, especially considering the amount of cleaning that would need doing. However, celebrities rarely take care of their own housekeeping, which means they can have the largest property and not have to lift a finger. Celebrities look for enormous properties they can pack eccentricity into to wow their friends.

Celebrities are constantly trying to outdo each other, which means they want the craziest pools, the largest studios, and the most impressive dining tables. The bigger and better the property features, the more content the celebrity will be. If you dip your toes into the world of sports celebs, you will find many of them have fully functional gyms in their homes - with a sports hall.

The Takeaway

Celebrities make their living in the public eye, but they like to escape to the privacy of their own lives. Therefore, you will find celebrity homes clustered together with large walls and high-level security. Also, after spending so much time indoors, they need to get as much sunshine as possible, even if this means buying a holiday home.


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