What Homeowners Need To Know About Eavestrough Installation Cost

August 1, 2022

Workers Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter to Fascia of House.

Installing an eavestrough in your home presents you with numerous advantages. For instance, it can protect your yard from flooding, protect your wall painting from water stains, increase your home's value, and uphold the stability of your home's foundation.

Of course, these installations cost some money. The exact amount you'll spend depends on various factors like material type, capacity, and quality. Generally, most Canadian homeowners spend between CAD$2,500 and CAD$3,500 to install 100 linear feet of gutters for an average-sized home. You must know how this final price comes about. Visit this website to get more insight on the pricing dynamics of eavestrough installations.

Below are six primary eavestrough installation cost determinants:

1. Contractor's Rates

Eavestrough installation costs in Toronto vary from one company to another. For similar projects, one company may charge as little as CAD$1,000 while another one charges as much as CAD$2,400. Such differences may arise from a company's years of existence, level of expertise, and reputation.

A seasoned contractor may charge you more, but they'll do exquisite work, unlike a novice in the market who may do shoddy work. Your winning point is evaluating the prices versus the proposed value and settling on the best deal.

2. Labor

Labor is another significant cost determinant for eavestrough installation. Most companies will evaluate your home's complexity and estimate how long it'll take them to complete the job. A rectangular home with a simple heaped roof shouldn't consume a lot of time. However, an intricately designed home with a complicated roof may require more time to fix all the eavestrough pieces, thus costing more.

Your residence's exact location also determines the labor rates. As you're aware, different Canadian cities have different living standards, and this rolls over to average hourly wages. If your home is in Brampton, you can contact reliable eavestrough contractors such as Trades by Jack and others to give you a personalized quote.

3. Type Of Gutter Materials

The type of material in use also determines the installation costs. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Aluminum

This is a bit pricey and may require skills to set up. Its price ranges from about CAD$4 and CAD$9 per foot. Additionally, the amount you’ll spend depends on the number of corners, downspouts, and hangers.

  • Copper

This is a prime material loved by many modern homeowners. It may cost you about CAD$35 to CAD$40 per linear foot. They can also add aesthetics to your home's roof design. Copper eavestroughs are also highly durable, with a lifespan of about 50 years.

  • Steel

This is longer-lasting than aluminum. But you may need the services of an experienced expert to do their installations because of their heaviness. This is to reduce the risk of accidents. You’ll also need to regularly maintain them so they don't rust. Painting and regular removal of debris should suffice. They're also affordable and may cost you between CAD$2 and CAD$4 per foot.

  • Vinyl

This is a perfect match for modern homes. Vinyl eavestrough range between CAD$3 and CAD$5 per linear foot. If you live in areas that experience heavy rainfall, you may need to replace them more often because they're not very durable.

  • Zinc

They usually don't require regular maintenance. Of all the materials in use, they're the ones with the longest lifespan. They can serve you for up to around 80 years without experiencing any cracking or rust.

4. Size Of Your Home

Your home's size determines how many eavestrough pieces will be used. A bigger home will require more troughs, downspouts, brackets, hangers, elbows, crimped caps, miters, and joining brackets. These components significantly add to the overall installation costs.

At the same time, if your home is steep or has a complex roof design, you may need to pay more for the installation because it may take more than one person to do the job.

5. Climatic Conditions

If you live in certain areas in Toronto with heavy rainfall, you’ll have to purchase expensive eavestrough materials to prevent rainwater from getting into the house. Poor quality eavestroughs or undersized ones may not have the capacity to efficiently direct the roof runoff to the designated reservoirs. They may quickly overflow and cause flooding in your compound and destruction of your walls.

6. Gutter Style

There are different styles of gutters such as the K and U style, and each has its merits. The one that's frequently in use in most homes is the K style because of its stylish crown mold-like design. They're also beneficial because of their water drainage properties. However, K gutters usually cost more than U gutters.


Eavestrough protects your home from any damage that may result from rainwater. Therefore, you must have it installed in your home. It's crucial to know the cost implications before embarking on such a project. A reliable eavestrough contractor should guide you on what will work best for your home and how much you'll spend on the installation.



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