What Is The Average Construction Time Of The New Townhouse In Melbourne?

August 16, 2022


A house initiating from the base plan and construction involves great ideas of the house owner. It can include everything that you once desired to have installed in your house. Most homeowners opt for a townhouse construction with a luxurious style and customised designs. Although new townhouse construction seems fun, it requires carful considerations of various factor. These factors may directly affect the timeline of your new townhouse developments in Melbourne. A normal constant construction project can take at least 6 months to 2 years to complete, depencing on the complexity of your designs, floorplan, style, size, region, weather and location. Let’s discuss things in-depth.


Factors that influence the construction timeline

One of the common reasons for construction project delay or timeline extension is unfinished legal procedures and permits. A homeowner should be active and aware while completing all the documentation processes required to build townhouses in Melbourne. You can mitigate the hurdles coming in the way of building a house in less time.

1. Permits and approvals from authorities

There is a long procedure involved in getting the permits and approvals for new house construction. The authorities inspect all the required and necessary factors for convenient construction. It is a time-consuming process and causes major delays. You will also have to face pre-construction delays as the plot needs clearing of the trees, ground levelling, and other objects. The permit and approval clearance process can lengthen the timeline of townhouse construction.

2. Location

If you have decided to build your house in an exclusive hillside area, you may require the transportation of construction materials. Sometimes, the material gets delayed and cannot be transferred, resulting in longer delays. It requires the arrangement of large or perfectly sized transportation vehicles. Keep in mind that opting for hillside transportation facility can be complicated and may take time.

3. Homestyle and complexity

You cannot tell the exact time required for building your house. It depends on your preference for house style and complex unique designs. You can search for efficient duplex builders in Melbourne but they also require finishing time for properly built houses. Duplex or custom homes take a longer time to get constructed.

The delays or stretched timeline problem occurs due to the floor plans and perfectly measured areas. Intricate designs pose unforeseen and potential issues or delays. Most people like to build their homes with specialised materials. The shortage of materials, incorrect supplies, and untimely delivery is the cause of the extended timeline.

4. Weather and environmental conditions

If you desire to build a house within the appropriate time, always consider weather conditions and environmental conditions. The houses in the northern regions take more time than those in the southern region. Suitable weather allows workers to work potentially with constructive efforts. Storms, floods, and hurricanes can cause major losses to the property. New townhouses can damage before building and it causes delays in rebuilding the structure. It requires suitable weather conditions and seasons to work on construction projects. You have to plan everything according to the perfect schedule and construction should be done under your surveillance.

5. Availability of skilled builders and subcontractors

Most of the time, there exists a shortage in the supply of builders and subcontractors. It causes delays in building a house. It requires research and time to find the best builders.

It is quite challenging for the homeowner to find efficient and skilled builders. Most reputed companies hire skilled builders after verifying their credentials and qualifications. They have the proper record and background verification of employees. It can ease your task to get specialised dual occupancy home builders. You may hire the best builders but try to inquire about the charges. The companies charge a hefty amount that becomes quite expensive to afford for some people.

  • Average timings for townhouse construction

It takes 11.1 months to build a house in the northeast region, 7.7 months in the Midwest, 6.1 months in the south and 7.1 months in the west. The time of construction varies depending on the custom or production home preference. It takes 8.9 months for custom houses and production houses can be built in 6.1 months of duration. Other things like pipeline fittings, sewer line fittings and other furnishings will take more time for a complete house to get ready.

A solid foundation plan can decrease the likeliness of timeline extension of your new townhouse construction. Making a clear plan with less revisions can also reduce confusion among builders, designers, and architects. An open channel for quick communication will solve all the hurdles in a construction plan and clear all the confusion related to design or location.


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