What To Expect During Your Home's Roof Replacement Project

August 3, 2022

Regardless of how durable your roofing is, it will have to be replaced eventually. A roof replacement is a critical part of owning a home because it keeps your roofing stable, so your home is safe, secure, and free from damage. If you are having your roof replaced soon, there are some things you need to know so you are prepared for the work. SF Roofing shares these 8 tips on what you can expect.

Your Vents Will Be Checked.

The new roof has to vented properly. Otherwise, the new material will not be as durable as it should be. Your roofer will check the flashing or framing on the vents for the presence any corrosion or damage. If there are issues, your roofer might recommend a replacement.

No, the New Roofing Will Not Be Installed Right Away.

Before the new roof will be laid down, any old roofing material will have to be removed, including the plywood, vents or flashing. Old flashing is notorious for hiding problems such as damaged or rotten wood. If you have this issue, the rotten portion will have to be removed and replaced. The bare structure will then be inspected, and any necessary fixes will be performed before the new roofing material is installed. A reliable roofer will never install a new roof on damaged wood because it could break, crack, or shift, causing a leak.

Your Roofing Will Be Dismantled.

Roof replacement is not a clean type of work. Things will be removed and dismantled, and dust and debris will be everywhere. Since workers will be removing your old roof, consider if there is anything on them that has to be removed or relocated. If you have satellite dishes or antennas, for example, remove them temporarily while the work is ongoing. The same is true with solar panels. If you cannot remove them yourself, have a professional do it for you.

Dust Will Cover Everything.

The roofing materials may be outside your home, but you should prepare the interior as well. Workers will be removing materials from the roof, so expect some falling debris, even if the ceiling will likely catch most of it. Dust will also likely be stirred, along with dormant dirt. This could mean plenty of cleanup afterwards.

To minimize the dust up later, cover all furniture in the area where the work will be done. You might want to consider placing sheets over lamps, paintings, picture frames, clothing, and bedding as well. Be extra careful with electronics because these are particularly sensitive to dust. Keep them covered or at least relocate them to another room.

If workers will be installing roofing over the attic, use an attic tarp to shield everything from dirt. Since the attic is close to the roof, consider stuff that are kept in it that you want to protect from damage. These could be old items that could easily break. Store them in a box and place them in a closet.

The Space Around the House Will Have to Be Cleared.

Anything that was placed or parked in the area around your house may need to be moved. If you have cars, boats, and other vehicles parked next to the building, consider moving them to give space for workers to move around. Keep in mind that they will be bringing tools, equipment, and roofing materials with them and moving these around means they will need room in the area. You might have to find parking elsewhere or have your vehicles parked in another area of the yard to avoid damage in case of falling debris.

There Will Be Noise.

Although you may not have to move out of the house while the work is going on, keep in mind that there will be fairly loud sounds during the day. This may include banging, hammering, and drilling. You should also expect the sound of heavy materials being moved around as well as other people's voices. If you are unbothered, this should be fine. However, if you are working from home or work at night and sleep during the daytime or have a baby or young child, you might want to find another place to stay in temporarily, or at least during the hours when the workers are at your residence.

Pets Will Be Bothered.

If you have pets, some may not feel comfortable about having strangers moving about the property. If your pet is skittish or scared of loud noises, you might have to relocate them somewhere quieter during the day. Maybe you have an area in the house where the noise is not as bad, so consider taking your pet there to stay. Loud noises and strangers stress out dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. Do them a favor and give them a safe, calm place to relax.

It Could Take a Day... Or Two

If there are no issues about your roofing, you could expect to get the job done in just a day on an average-sized house. However, if there are problems such as damage that will require repairs and/or replacement, expect your roofer to complete the job in two or three days. This could take longer, too, depending on certain factors such as accessibility, extent of damage, size of the roofing area to be replaced, complexity of the work, and weather. In some extreme cases, your roofer should be able to get the job done in two to three weeks, so be prepared just in case.


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