What You Should Know About Attic Insulation in New Orleans

August 22, 2022

An attic in the house can serve as a storage area for things to make more room in the house or it can be converted to a more productive area such as an extra bedroom, small office, or even a playroom for kids. However, the attic is close to the roof which makes it hotter than the rest of the house. To make the temperature in your attic ideal you can have attic insulation. New Orleans attic insulation services are offered by Insulation companies and you can choose one nearest your area.

What type of insulation is best for your attic in New Orleans?

There are several types of insulation and t will be wise to know more about them before getting your insulation. Though your contractor can tell which best material is ideal for your attic, it will be helpful if you have knowledge of the types of insulation so it will be easier for you to understand once your contractors discuss with you the attic insulation process.

Types of Attic Insulation

  • Cellulose Attic

This type of attic insulation is made up of recycled grind-up paper added with boric acid. This is ideal for pest control and fire resistance.

  • Spray Foam

This is the most recommended insulation for the attic since it has a high-performance rating. It can seal all spaces and ensure that air is not going out nor going in your attic. There are also types of spray foam and have your contractor choose the best one to get a satisfactory result.

What are The Advantages of Attic Insulation?

Lower your Electricity Bills

By using attic insulation you can avoid letting the heat or coolness escape your home. You can maximize the use of your heater or air conditioner since you can trap the temperature inside by properly insulating your attic. This can save you from paying high bills due to the usage of equipment that will retain the coolness or warmness of your home.

Protect your Home from Damages

Presets of water in the attic can cause your home structure to weaken. Having attic insulation can protect your home from getting easily damaged since the dryness is maintained and avoids your walls and floors from cracking and softening due to moisture sipping inside them when the weather is wet or cold.

Better Air quality inside the Home

Since all the cracks and spaces are sealed in your home by your attic insulation you can avoid polluted air from getting inside your home making the air of better quality. Cracks and space in the attic can allow dust and other elements to enter your home and circulates bringing danger to your family.

Better Temperature Control

There is nothing more comforting than to be able to get the exact temperature you want when at home. As the saying goes “there is no place like home”, having attic insulation can make you control well your temperature inside your home since it can support the temperature the heater or air conditioner makes. The main purpose of insulation is to get the right temperature you want for each season.

When to Insulate Your Attic?

The spring season can be the best time to insulate your attic since summer comes after it. During summer air conditioners are used every day to make the temperature in your home make the air cool and comfortable for you. Having attic insulation can save you a lot and can contain the coldness inside your home without having to worry about having high bills.

How Often Should You Insulate Attic?

Replacing your attic insulation depends on the materials used, the ideal period for replacement is 15 to 20 years, however, if leaks and damage are observed replacing it will be best to still retain its purpose. Regularly check on your attic insulation for some signs that may tell if it needs replacement already.

Attic insulation has advantages and getting them can help you have better comfort at home. Choose a contractor that knows what material is ideal for your home and get that insulation done at the proper time. Your home temperature can make life better if properly controlled and confined, invest in good attic insulation and reap the benefits you can get from it.



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