Which Mirrors Do I Need for My Japanese Truck?

August 29, 2022


Understanding mirrors is a crucial part of owning and driving a Japanese truck. You need to know what type of mirrors you need, how to adjust them, and how they work. It will help you avoid accidents and keep your truck running smoothly. Let's review some of the mirrors and mirror parts for Japanese trucks you need to have.

Mirrors for your Japanese Truck

Sight glasses designed to be transparent

A sight glass is a transparent or translucent tube that connects to the reservoir and lets you see the fluid level. They work much like a measuring cup by allowing you to know exactly how much fluid is in your system, but they can also signal when it's time to add more.

The advantage of using a sight glass rather than just measuring with a dipstick is that there are no moving parts involved in keeping track of your oil level, so there's no chance of human error or mechanical failure.

Installing one takes only about 15 minutes: remove any existing piping from this location before installing new piping onto both ends of your new sight glass tube.

Ensure everything fits correctly before tightening everything down with epoxy resin adhesive bonds; install filters into both ends (if applicable).

Check for leaks around connections using soapy water solution that is applied directly onto them, do this while turning on the faucet at full pressure until drip appears where the leak occurs. Use masking tape over all connections except where the tubing enters each end plate/filter cap (if applicable).

Mounted Spotter mirrors

Spotter mirrors are mounted on top of the cab and are used to help you see things directly behind you. They're usually mounted on either side, but some trucks have them in pairs.

Mirror heads attachments

Mirror heads are that part of a mirror that attaches to your vehicle. They can be any shape, but they follow the truck's design. For example, if you have a Japanese truck with a square body style (narrow and tall), then you will probably have square mirror heads.

To summarise, no set number of mirrors is required for any vehicle. It depends on the amount of visibility you want and your vehicle type. Always consult an expert when unsure which mirrors are best for your situation!

Convex mirror

A convex mirror is a curved type of mirror that is used to see around corners. Convex mirrors are placed on the right side of a truck's cab, allowing the driver to see traffic coming from the left side while driving.

Convex mirrors can also be mounted inside vehicles like cars and trucks. In this case, convex mirrors are often installed in front of rearview mirrors and allow drivers to see around objects that may obstruct their view behind them, such as other cars.


If you want to add some mirrors to your vehicle, you need to know which ones will work best for your situation. Different types of mirrors are available today; some may work better for some people than others. This article discussed them in detail so anyone can learn more about their options before making a purchase decision.


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