Why You Need a Metal Wall Art

August 6, 2022

When designing a personal space or even a place of business, you need to have one art piece that will be the focal point of the design, it needs to be unique, one of a kind, and eye-catching so that it becomes memorable to anyone who would come to your home or office. There is only a handful of pieces that can have the said impact on people and most of it is very expensive. For example, having an artist create a commissioned work for you will cost thousands, and unless you have a steady cash flow, it is a dead investment that will not make you money except for many guests admiring it and boosting your ego. The solution to this is a new form of artwork using metal which has the same effect as those expensive art pieces called metal wall art. These are art deco pieces that are made from aluminum that is formed or shaped artfully and can be attached to the walls of your living room or office lobby. It can come in many forms, some as framed pieces, in sets, or as stand-alone sculptures, and in many sizes from small, medium to large, and very large pieces. Each piece is handmade and production is limited to a few pieces, and since there is no machine press or cast, each piece is unique and will not have the same look and details even if they come from the same batch or line. So, if you want an art piece that you can actually say to be yours alone and uniquely crafted with artistry and beauty, then it is time to invest in a couple of metal wall art pieces. You can place the art pieces in any room of the house or your building, as it will complement any design style, but it will work perfectly with industrial and modern interiors and design. The metal wall art pieces are unique, affordable, and will look exquisite on your walls or in the lobby.

Where to find metal wall art pieces?

Metal wall art pieces are the in thing right now, it is fast becoming a favorite in the interior designing field and even artists have delved into the medium, creating outstanding pieces that seem to move and are a show stopper. Most of the metal wall art in galleries and shops is often commissioned work and will be expensive. The best option to consider is to look for it on the online market, as almost everything is already sold or available on it. You can search for websites that sell metal wall art pieces, you just need to use your web browser for that, and the results page will give you a list of websites that sell it. You can check each website on the first results page, this is the only list that you will need, just go through them one by one. Find the website that has the best-looking art pieces and the most competitive prices. Then check their catalog and look for the wall art that speaks to you taking into consideration the existing design style that you have. However, if you are renovating or updating your space, then you can choose the one that you like as you can build your design around it. You need to consider the space where you will be placing the wall art and determine the size of the piece that will work well with your space. If you have a large blank wall, a set of wall art pieces will be more appropriate. But if you have a small space like a bedroom, then a single piece can work. But if you have a very large empty lobby, then you can get one of those very large pieces that are eye-catching and dramatic. Also, look for shops that only use pure aluminum as it is the most versatile metal available on the earth. It is lightweight, flexible, does not tarnish, and will last for a very long time. It also has a sheen and can be molded or shaped into any shape or form. Although some metal wall art is made from steel, it is not always the first choice as it tends to be heavy, unwieldy, and can be affected by moisture and harsh chemicals. Once you have found the website of the distributor of the metal wall art that you fancy, then you can proceed with your order and have it shipped to your place and you just need to wait for it to arrive on your doorstep or building.

How to care for your metal wall art pieces?

Since metal wall art pieces are mainly composed of pure aluminum, it is guaranteed to last for many years to come, however, you need to make sure that it is clean so that they will always look like new. Once you have displayed the metal art pieces, it is best if they can be removed and cleaned, do not attach them to walls permanently as it would destroy the art pieces, and if you want to re-arrange your space, it will be difficult for you to remove the pieces. Clean the metal wall art pieces regularly, and since it is made from aluminum and if it is indoors, then you just need a clean dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that might have gotten into the pieces. If you have a sculpture, then get into the nooks and crannies of the sculpture. If there is hard-to-remove dirt, you can use a cloth with a little oil to scrub the dirt until it comes off. Do not be tempted to use water or detergent and a brush or scouring pad. The hard bristles may damage the art piece and the detergent and water may introduce moisture which can adversely affect the art piece. If you have a very large piece of sculpture placed outside or in the lobby, make sure that you clean it every day and that it is protected from rain and other environmental factors. Also, when displaying the aluminum sculpture, make sure to put it inside a cordon to prevent people from touching the sculpture as it can easily be deformed.


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