Window Glass Replacement Vs Window Replacement? Which One to Opt for?

August 4, 2022


Glass windows complement your home décor in a unique way. In case they get damaged, it becomes a tough ask for homeowners to decide between replacing the glass or replacing the whole window unit. Though, both options can help you get rid of those damaged and cracked windows. However, window glass replacement is considered a convenient and affordable option. On the other hand, replacing the whole window unit has its own significance. Let’s find out what’s the actual difference between both these options.

When to Go For Window Glass Replacement?

Replacing the window glass is always preferred by the majority of homeowners. Anyhow, let’s explore some scenarios when the window glass replacement option works the best.

1: Cracked or Partially Damaged Glass

The windows can break because of many reasons. For example, a single pane glass window can get cracked when a solid object hits it. In such cases, windows get partially damaged. Therefore, opting for replacing the windows glass is the appropriate approach here.

You would only have to pay for the replacement glass and some labor costs. So, it’s a cheaper and more effective way to give a new life to cracked or partially damaged glass windows.

2: Condensation Issues

Condensation can often occur, especially if single pane windows are installed at your home. That’s because extra moisture and high humidity levels in winters can cause some fog to form inside or around the glass windows. Usually, it can be fixed. However, all those DIY methods are short-term solutions.

The best option here is to replace the windows glass. Once replaced, try to improve the room's airflow to avoid any future condensation issues.

3: An Aged Glass Window with Reduced Efficiency

Glass windows can last for some good years. However, they don’t perform the same once they reach their life span. If your glass windows aren’t that effective anymore, replacing their glass can give them a new life. In the case of aged windows, don’t forget to check the overall health of the window (its frame, sashes, etc.) before replacing the glass. That’s because the frame must be in good condition to support the replacement glass.

4: Quite Affordable

Now, that’s pretty much an understood benefit. Opting for just replacing the windows glass lets you save some cost for future upgrades. The frame etc., everything remains the same. You just have to replace the glass. Therefore, it is considered one quick and pocket-friendly replacement option.

When to Replace the Whole Window Unit? 

Now, let’s find out when the actual window should be replaced. It can get costly, but in some cases, that’s the only option available.

1: A Long-Term Solution

Replacing the glass window unit is one permanent solution to get rid of old, cracked, and damaged windows. That’s because a brand new window has its own charm. It also enhances your interior looks and increases the property’s worth. Furthermore, there are no complexities involved since the whole window unit is installed.

2: More Room for Upgrading

Given the practical benefits of insulated glass panels, many homeowners want to upgrade their single pane windows. If they are old and have cracks, upgrading them could be the best option. Unfortunately, single pane windows don’t offer any insulation.

Furthermore, single pane windows frame may not have enough strength to support double or triple-pane glass windows. That’s why changing the whole window unit lets you upgrade to a durable glass window without any compromises. In case of just replacing the glass, homeowners have a few up-gradation options to choose from.

3: Aesthetically Pleasing

Opting for modern-styled glass windows gives a different look to your home decor. They look aesthetically pleasing and give your house a modern look and feel. That’s one reason why some homeowners always go with replacing the whole window unit whenever it’s time to upgrade them.

A Brief Cost Comparison

No matter which option you choose, you would have to spend some bucks to give a new life to your glass windows. So, a brief cost comparison between both these options is a must. Going with the window glass replacement option would cost you anywhere from $6 to $12 per square foot.

On the other hand, the average installation cost of a whole new window unit varies from $500 to 1200$ per window. So, there is definitely a difference here.

Anyhow, whichever option you opt for, always purchase quality glass from a reliable glass manufacturer. Compromising on the quality of glass can decrease the overall efficiency of any glass window.

Final Thoughts! 

So, that was a brief comparison between window glass replacement and window replacement. Homeowners can opt for any option as per their interest. However, factors like room for customization and budgeting differentiate both these options. Ultimately, it all comes down to homeowners' personal preferences. Anyhow, buying quality glass from a reputable glass seller is always suggested.

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