10 Tips to Help Your Living Spaces Pop with Personality

September 9, 2022

Many people struggle to make their homes feel personal and unique. However, with inspiration, almost anyone can create a home with personality. Below are 10 tips that should help you add a personal touch in no time.

Furniture Arrangement

Furniture often serves as a room's centerpiece, which can get you into a lot of trouble. Consider placing a small cocktail table between two large chairs. This can balance the large furniture pieces nicely. Furniture arrangement is one of the most overlooked aspects of decorating, but it can make or break your room. Always consider how to arrange your furniture and where to put it before you start shopping.

Add Artwork and Antiques

One way to create a personal feel is to add artwork and antiques to your home. You don't need to spend money on a grand gallery for an entire room, you just need to find pieces that fall into your style. You may even want to buy two or three different pieces of artwork or area rugs online so that you find something new with each new room you add.


One way to create a personal feel is to add a scent to your home. Try sprinkling some essential oils around your house, such as lavender or orange. You can have a candle burning in the bathroom and another in the bedroom. Lots of people also like to add some cologne as a way to soften the smell of their home, too.

Plants / Flowers

Another way to add a bit of personality is to intermingle some plants with your home. It doesn't matter if they're delicate or large. The idea is to make sure they're arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Flowers are a bit tricky. If you have an active dog or cat, it could destroy the plant. You can keep any active pet away by placing a curtain or mesh over your plants or hiding them in another room.


Another way to personalize a room is to put together some storage solutions that make the room look larger. You can use wall art or even vases filled with interesting-shaped items. Some people also like to have a basket full of items on their coffee table for guests.


One of the ways to make a room feel personal is to have the right kind of lighting. The wrong lighting can make a room look dull, even though you have great furniture and artwork. There are many different options for lighting in terms of color and size. You can use small lights on bookshelves or small reading lamps on tables. You can also use chandeliers and candle sconces that look modern and classic simultaneously.

Bring A Pop Of Color

Another way to create a personal feel is to bring a bit of color into a room. It doesn't have to be something bright and bold, which can make the room look messy unless you plan it that way. Try small accents in red, orange, and yellow instead. Not only will this pull together several different pieces of furniture and art, but you'll also get some nice light coming into your home as well.

Own Your Space

One area that many people focus on is their bed. You can make a statement by having a unique bed design. For example, you could have a large headboard with lots of texture and antique ironwork, or you could do an image and have giant statues on your bedside table. Whatever your preferences are, make sure you own it fully.

Add Memorabilia

Another way to add memories to your home is to add pictures of important people in your life or yourself. You don't need to go out and purchase vintage photo albums. You can put up a photo of your ancestral family tree as well. Don't forget that many phone apps now allow you to capture the moments in your life when they matter the most.

Liven Up Your Entrance

Adding personality to your home doesn't always mean you need to get a paintbrush and a can of paint. It also isn't about nailing down the perfect colors and furniture layout. Instead, it's about ensuring each room has its unique character. If you have an empty entranceway, consider adding an accent rug in front of your door to make it pop with personality.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, the key to personalizing your living spaces is ensuring your house has its unique identity and character. Many different colors and styles can give each room its personality. Instead of being boring and cookie-cutter, start with a basic idea of what you want to achieve in your home.



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