3 Tips For Choosing The Best Spot For Your Hot Tub

September 19, 2022

Designing a home involves a well-thought plan. Every homeowner wants their home to be comfortable for themselves and their loved ones. The architecture could be simple or unconventional, but ultimately the furniture and fixtures must be in order and should complement the overall design. Otherwise, living there might feel like a maze rather than a home.

Since they're designed to maximize comfort, the same can be said for hot tubs. It is best to seek the advice of professionals, like Stoked Hot Tubs and Spas and other similar sources, who have all sorts of hot tubs. For sure, you can put yours anywhere on your property. But one must consider where to put it appropriately. This is to maximize its comfort and overall functionality.

So, before ordering and installing a hot tub, consider where you should place it first.

1. Prioritize Comfort And Space

Comfort is what comes to mind when you think about your home. This is where you want to unwind and de-stress after a very long and tiring day. But if your house is just as chaotic as your day-to-day, where else could you find peace?

Spending time in your wood fired hot tubs might be just the way to relax your tired muscles and free your mind. Soaking in warm water sounds heavenly already.

One can either place the hot tub outside or inside the house. Think about the sunlight glaring down at you while enjoying your hot tub. Or, worst case scenario, if it suddenly rains while you're soaking in. You definitely don't want to slip and fall on your way back to the main house.

Is the space free of any hanging tree branches? Are you protected from various outdoor elements? Does anyone see you from where you are? These are some questions you want to think about if you are considering an outdoor hot tub.

Despite how much it could level up your backyard, you probably think that placing the hot tub indoors sounds much more hassle-free. Placing the hot tub inside your home requires that you allot ample space for it to function properly. You also have to consider the room's ventilation, its installation and how it is placed together with other fixtures inside the house.

So, consider the pros and cons of where you want to place your hot tub, as this will greatly impact how comfortable you will be once you are inside it.

2. Consider Safety And Convenience

Safety and convenience go hand-in-hand when determining where to install your hot tub. You want easy and safe access to your hot tub, whether it is situated inside or outside your main house.

Do you have pets at home? The warm temperature in your hot tub might not be suitable for your lovely pets. You also do not want excess pet hair to clog the tub. It is best to secure a location they normally have no access to for their safety.

If you allow your kids to use your hot tub, ensure that you are present or that another adult is with them. Kids can be rowdy and carefree, especially when having too much fun.

These are just some factors you need to consider regarding safety and convenience once you have installed your hot tub.

3. Ensure Stability

With comfort, safety, and convenience in mind, it’s time to move on to the technical side of your search for the best spot for a hot tub, namely a sturdy foundation. Installing a hot tub in your home will be a long-term investment. Thus, taking care of it should be your priority if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

Directly setting down your hot tub on dirt or soil will make it susceptible to damage. After all, soil conditions often get influenced by the weather. Without a proper and stable foundation, your hot tub is likely to break, especially once it’s filled with water since you’re looking at thousands of kilograms weighing it down—and that’s not yet including the user.

Therefore, instead of soil, ensure the platform is flat, strong, and with enough elevation to prevent the hot tub from touching the dirt.


Finding the perfect spot for your hot tub is a big consideration before purchasing one. After all, you don’t want your funds to go down the drain if the spot of your hot tub doesn’t have enough space, is uncomfortable, unsafe, and unstable.

But be that as it may, this phase is crucial for ensuring you get the most out of this investment, and securing a perfect spot for your tub is one step closer to achieving your dream home.


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