4 Ways Pests Can Ruin The Value Of Your Property In 2022

September 13, 2022

Rats, cockroaches, lizards, spiders, ants, and mosquitoes can do some really serious damage to your property. If you do not go for the right exterminator on time, you can easily land in a lot of financial trouble. You might have to pay a lot to repair the resultant damage that these little creatures can cause. Remember, you must prevent this invasion and stop the damage in its tracks. Let's discover a few ways pests can ruin the value of your property and how to prevent that from happening in 2022:

1. Permanent Structural Damage To Your House

This is very common because a lot of these pests that you are dealing with can be very intrusive. Some can create large holes in your house walls. If you have an attic or an upper floor that you haven't been using for a while, they could very well be in ruins if you do not pay enough attention to them. Have a look at the drywall in your kitchen, basement, garage, and kids' room.

Pay close attention to the ceiling of the attic. If you find anything that has been broken or chipped or cracked from its place, it means that the damage has already begun. Remember to look for any holes and burrows as well because even they are a clear sign that something has invaded your house. It is time for quick intervention and sealing those cracks and holes before it gets out of your hand.

2. Harming Your Roof And Gutter

Rodents, spiders, and lizards can cause a lot of damage to your roof and gutters. When they start infesting your pipelines, they tend to gather dirt, twigs, grime, and a lot of other garbage. Rodents are very much capable of removing your sidings and shingles as well which is quite surprising. They can bring in branches, dried leaves, old cloth, and even pieces of paper and accumulate the same in your pipes, gutters, and plumbing. This can cause your roof a lot of damage. It can also result in water clogging which is again a very big problem for your house.

The best thing to do here would be to visit your roof once every month and have a closer look around for any signs of damage. Don’t ignore any signs of initial damage.

3. Damage To Your Insulation And Wiring

This is another thing that you simply cannot imagine yourself in. It is a situation that you will find very difficult to deal with because when the insulation of your property and the critical electrical wiring is damaged, the expense that it entails is going to be huge. What do you do? You choose from the many Terminix pest control treatments that are specifically designed for homeowners to protect their property from any kind of damage. Remember that the primary reason for such damage can be a rodent infestation.

You will have to look up all the wires and connections in your attic and your basement at the same time. The experts will help you find the problem and can easily prevent the insulation from getting damaged any further. The key is to locate the problem sooner so that you don't have to pay higher electricity bills when you do not have adequate insulation.

4. Making A Hole In Your Foundation 

These words are literally what they sound like. Some pests can be very annoying while others can create a serious problem for your house. They can threaten the structural integrity of your property if you are not careful. They can dig in mud tunnels along the foundation walls of your property which leads to not just unsightly build-up of dirt and scum but can result in the weakening of your foundation as well. If you have a wooden house, it is better to look out for carpenter ants. They can be a true nuisance to your home. If any of these damages are left unattended, it could cause you an expense of more than $5,000 easily.

Remember A Few Things

In the end, it is essential to remember a few things. You must inspect both the inside and outside of your property for any potential damage caused due to rats, cockroaches, and other intruders. Get your insulation checked at least once every 6 months. Get your wiring and plumbing examined right after that. The only way out of this problem is prevention but if you fail on doing that too, just keep the number of your friendly pest control experts on your speed dial.



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