5 Ways to Make Your California to Virginia Move Easier

September 23, 2022


While California might have been one of the best places in the United States to live at one point, it’s no longer the case at present. There are multiple factors behind this. However, the increase in crime rate is one of the major ones.

Compared to 2020, the rate of violent crimes in California went up by almost 8% in 2021. Homicides alone went up by 30% in 2021, while the rate of aggravated assaults went up by 7.5%. Such an increase in crime rates makes it clear why so many people are now willing to move out of the Golden State.

In contrast, Virginia saw an increase in the rate of violent crimes by 7.1% in 2021 compared to 2020. While it’s still a notable increase, it’s not as bad as the situation in California. That’s why you’ll see that many people today are moving from California to Virginia.

Of course, making this move is not easy. That’s why we’ve come up with five ways to make your California to Virginia move easier.

#1 Plan Ahead

The first step to a smooth move is planning ahead. Get to know your new state, in this case, Virginia, and its laws, including any special requirements for moving there. Make sure you have all the documents you need to complete your move, such as proof of insurance, identification cards and driver’s licenses (if required), and school records.

#2 Get Rid of Clutter

You’re going to want to clear out any clutter you have in your apartment. If you don’t need something, or if it is broken, try to get rid of it. You can donate things that are still good, like clothes and furniture, to different charity organizations.

If there is anything left that you aren’t sure about getting rid of, ask a friend or family member who lives nearby if they would like some items for themselves before throwing them away completely. Be careful not to throw anything away until after the movers have picked up all your belongings so that nothing gets overlooked.

#3 Find a Storage Unit That's Right for You

Your new storage unit should have ample room for all of your belongings. You should also consider how secure it is, as well as if it's clean and dry. Some states require a security deposit or insurance plan, so make sure these are taken care of before moving in. Also, check what hours the facility is open. You don't want to miss out on any time with your belongings.

Not all storage facilities can guarantee clean and pest-free conditions. Luckily for you, GPS Moving and Storage ensures all those qualities and more. On top of that, their facility also provides climate-controlled storage solutions. Thus, you can also keep temperature-sensitive items in these facilities without having to worry about them getting ruined in any way.

#4 Decide What You Should Transport Yourself and What Movers Can Manage

As you plan your move, decide what you should transport yourself and what movers can manage. If you are moving a lot of heavy items and have no other option than to drive them across state lines, hiring professionals may be the best decision for your budget.

If your move includes fragile items or many small items that need attention, consider hiring professionals to do the work. They’re trained to handle these kinds of moves with care and precision!

If most of your possessions are smaller but still worth keeping track of (like clothes), consider doing the work yourself. It’s not as difficult as it might seem.

#5 Use Furniture Pads to Protect Your Things During the Move

In addition to moving blankets, another great way to protect your valuables as you pack is by using furniture pads. Furniture pads are an alternative way to cover up your furniture to prevent scratches or other damage during transport.

While blankets are soft and provide some cushioning for fragile items, they're not as durable as thicker pads with sleeves that fit around pieces of furniture and help prevent slippage on smooth surfaces.

Moving blankets can also rip upon contact with sharp edges or corners, whereas pads are made from a thicker material that won't tear if wrapped tightly around heavy objects like tables or dressers. Even though these types of moves have become more common in recent years, many movers still prefer using this method because it provides better protection against breakage than traditional shrink-wraps made from plastic sheeting.

Compared to the past, people are not relocating as much these days. However, at times, moving from one state to another becomes necessary, especially when crime rates in your existing state become too high. Thus, in such cases, it’s better not to hesitate and consider moving.

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