6 Common Home Plumbing Issues in Summer in Australia

September 14, 2022

Ah… Summer. The time when kids don't have to go to school and play with their friends forging bonds that will last a lifetime, teens go out. Party at the beach and spend time with their friends, making memories that they will carry until adulthood, and parents who get to spend time at home recharging before they go back to work and spend some rare quality time with their families during all the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. It is a very magical season where almost anything can happen. But did you know that summer can also be one of the hardest times for your home plumbing?

With the extreme heat and temperature coming from the weather outside and the increased use of water inside the household to help the inhabitants cool and refreshed, it is not a surprise to know that many plumbing fixtures and pipes tend to break during these hot summer months. Add on other factors like pests and other environmental factors, and then you'd have a recipe for disaster. But thankfully, the plumbers in Bossley Park have identified some of the most common problems usually faced by the average Australian household during the summer months so that you can be a bit more prepared when you face these problems.

1. All Clogged Up (Food and Dust)

What is something synonymous with summer? Cooking, that's what it is. Families getting to spend a lot more time together in their homes usually cook with each other as a little bonding exercise. But sometimes, during the process, they would absent-mindedly dump food scraps, or something much worse, grease down the drain, which will harden and create a quite frankly annoying clog that will most likely take you a while to get rid of.

It's not just food scraps and grease that could make such a blockage.

What is the first thing you would do after you find yourself sweating buckets after a trip outside in the blazing Australian sun? Of course, you would want to take a shower to help cool yourself down and feel more refreshed. But since going outside in the scorching heat can lead to massive sweating, bits, and particles of debris like dust, dirt, and even small rocks can be brought into your home. And when you do decide to take a shower after coming home, that little debris can find itself down the shower drain, and over time, it can built-up into a nasty clog that not even putting in a lot of effort and a lot of elbow grease going at it with a plunger can get it out.

An easy way to deal with a problem like this is to use an Auger or a Plumber's Snake to dislodge the clog and remove it physically. NEVER use toxic chemicals to remove clogs because they can damage the pipes and lead to more problems.


2. Too Much Laundry

Many summer outdoor activities like biking and other sports come with the heat. They can also lead to a lot more laundry than usual since you would like to wear clean clothes to feel more refreshed than if you would continue to wear your sweat-covered clothes. The increased laundry load can cause a lot of wear and tear in your washing machine, which can cause it to have an increased chance of forming a blockage in the pipes, overflowing, creating a lot of leaks, and in some cases causing the whole machine to break down.


3. Toilet Trouble

With the kids at home and eating a lot more thanks to all the cooking you have been doing with them, your toilets must go into overdrive. Increased usage can also increase the chances that a clog might occur, which is not fun for anyone. One piece of advice that the plumbers in Beverly Hills say can help decrease the chances of that happening is to teach the kids proper etiquette in the bathroom so that they don't flush any unwanted and non-flush-friendly materials down the toilet.


4. The Pipes are Cracked

Cracks and leaks in pipes are not uncommon to happen, but they are more prevalent in the summer months just because of how hot the weather can be outside. The extreme heat usually felt in Australia, especially during the summer, can easily crack exposed pipes, thus making more leaks appear and wasting a lot of water in the long run.


5. Not Enough Pressure

A problem commonly seen but less talked about is a decrease in water pressure, and with the summer heat, the low water pressure can be so frustrating. Some plumbing experts in Bass Hill say that the decrease in pressure can be caused by the pipes corroding up to some hidden leaks in the pipes. It's always hard to say the cause since it will vary from case to case.


6. Pests Problems

What's one of the things Australia is known for? You'd be correct if you guess it's many creepy crawlies and other pests spread throughout the country. Many of these animals will try to find a place to escape the hot summer day, and one of the perfect places to hide is the pipes in your home. The pipes are cool enough for them to rest. A simple way to prevent these unwanted intruders from coming into your pipes would be to seal up any cracks you would fine with either wood, steel, or concrete.



Summer may seem like it's all fun again games which are true, but not if you're a plumbing system. Then it is one of the most stressful times of the year. So with that being said, always keep in mind what you can do to help reduce the load your plumbing system has to handle in these hot summer months, and don't forget to have them properly maintained so that they will not fail on you.


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