6 Tips To Turn Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Haven

September 9, 2022

Your backyard makes a perfect spot to relax and unwind, but it doesn't come automatically. Making it a relaxing haven takes conscious effort. Luckily, you can spruce up your backyard for premium comfort by adding some features without breaking the bank. You should have an organized backyard where you long to go and enjoy the space.

Regardless of its size, you can change the atmosphere by stretching your creativity a bit. Here are some insights on how to turn your backyard into a relaxing haven:

1. Create A Water Feature

Flowing water has a therapeutic effect, and that's why scores of people throng beaches and waterfalls. It's brought by the sight and sound of rushing water. Again, water adds life to a space because of its never-ending motion. Your backyard can be the best relaxing point if you incorporate a water feature.

You have several options regarding water features in your backyard. A swimming pool, hot tub, or spa will give you the ultimate luxury if you love long soaks. A pool can help you exercise or sunbathe in the hot sun after taking a dip. Lucky for you, different-sized swimming pools are available for all backyards, no matter how big or tiny. You enjoy the privacy of swimming in your compound for as long as you wish. Alternatively, you can make an artificial fountain, bird bath, or fish pond.

You'd want to consult professionals like Trueform Spas in Auckland to help set up such installations. Having things done right will help avert potentially fatal accidents. Then, you can enjoy the relaxing effect the water features bring to your garden without fearing and worrying about things falling apart.

2. Provide A Shade

You'd want to avoid the scorching sun during summer. On the other hand, you'd still like to catch the rain breeze without getting wet. A shade would be perfect for such an experience. You can build a gazebo or pergola or have an umbrella provide shade.

For a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, you can grow vines anchored to an arbor or leafy trees. All these provide shade in your backyard. The conjuring images of shades in your yard bring about the vocational element.

3. Add A Firepit

An evening chat with friends and family in your yard could be much better with a source of warmth. So, consider installing a fire pit at a specific spot in your backyard. Ensure your outdoor wooden furniture isn't too close to the fire pit as it could catch fire. You can invest in a smokeless fire pit, so you don't ruin your plants.

This helps your backyard get cozier, and you'll draw most family members to the fire on cooler days. The fire pit eventually ends up being a focal point for the backyard.

4. Plant Fragrant Flowers And Green Plants

Plants add color, refresh the air, and are home to birds that can spice up your backyard. Generally, they add lushness to your garden.

You can go for pot plants with eye-catching patterns, especially those you can train to unique shapes. Additionally, it'd help if your backyard had fragrant flowers to bring the scent into the space.

Some of the flowers that you shouldn't miss in your backyard include:

  • lavender
  • magnolias
  • marigold
  • sunflower

Some flowers such as lavender have the health benefits of reducing stress and anxiety, thus enhancing relaxation. It'd help if you planted the fragrant flowers strategically to ensure the wind blows their scents towards the sitting spots.

5. Include A Hammock

A hammock is an essential addition to your backyard for relaxation. After a long day at work, you'd want to get on it and swing the day away or snug off a lazy afternoon. You can hang it by the trees or on the gazebo poles. The bottom line is that it must be perfectly secured to ensure zero accidents, making you feel more relaxed.

The good news is that they're available in different materials and sizes. You can get a big one that fits a maximum of two to accommodate your spouse or children.

6. Light It Up

Adding outdoor lighting to your backyard makes it worthwhile even after the sun has gone down. You'd want to install lighting fixtures on your porch and garden to improve their ambiance. Go for the stylish ones to make your backyard more magical, even in the dark. You can decorate pathways with lights or hang some bulbs on the trees to create a spring of light by the plants.


It'd help if you got the details right to make your backyard a relaxing haven. Work on ensuring all the features in your backyard add some value to it. It's the best way to maximize the atmosphere created by your yard's plants, flowers, and furniture.

With all these features, you're sure to have a relaxing effect right from your backyard. As you decide on the installations to add to your backyard, remember that they should appeal to you first. Then, you're sure your family members and guests will like them too. And whatever you decide to do, enlisting professional help guarantees you incredible results.


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