7 Signs Your Electrical System Would Benefit From An Upgrade

September 28, 2022

Your property’s electrical system is often hidden within the walls, so you might not think much about it unless something happens. To avoid problems, you should consider a complete electrical system inspection regularly. This is especially true if you live in an old home and have been using countless electronic devices and appliances.

Depending on your electrical system’s condition, an upgrade may be necessary. So, if you’re unsure about whether or not to upgrade your electrical system, you should watch out for the following signs:

1. Faulty Circuit Breakers

A faulty circuit breaker is one of the signs that your electrical system would benefit from an upgrade. The simplest solution is to replace it with a greater capacity and better circuit breaker from the CablePro electrical supply store and other similar electrical stores in your region.

It’s essential to remember that upgrading your circuit breaker isn’t a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Call a qualified electrician to do the work for you to avoid possible issues and ensure your safety. Sometimes, while replacing your circuit breakers may solve the tripping issues, there are instances that electricians may also upgrade your wiring or add extra circuits to resolve the problem completely.

2. Exposed Wires And Cords

If you or your family members are constantly tripping on electrical wires, an electrical system upgrade may be necessary. Even if you think it isn’t a big deal, using several extension cords and power strips may invite trouble. For example, any exposed wire presents potential electrocution dangers and may also get shorted out or pinched, resulting in damaged outlets and tripped breakers.

The best solution to eliminate countless exposed wires and extension cords on your property is to upgrade your electrical system. Hence, you must work with a reliable and professional electrician to do the job and meet your electrical needs without any inconvenience.

3. Hot To Touch Electrical Outlets, Panels, Switches, And Wires

If your electrical outlets, panels, wires, switches, and circuit breakers become hot to touch, it might mean there’s a problem with your electrical system. If it’s always hot, it can be due to melted insulation, overheating, and other possible issues.

If the switches or outlets become extremely hot, you must call electricians to determine whether or not your electrical system requires an upgrade. More often than not, the outlet’s temperature can be a sign that an upgrade is needed because it means that your system is overloaded. An overloaded electrical system may cause wire overheating, leading to a fire on your property.

4. Increased Utility Bills

Your electric bill must reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you use lights for several minutes before going to bed and have large appliances, your monthly utilities must be low. On the contrary, your utility bills will increase if you often charge mobile devices while running your air conditioning unit, dishwasher, or dryer.

However, if you notice a spike in your utility bill for no reason, it may be due to faulty wirings. Constant wear and tear may damage your wiring. Besides, your electrical system may work extra hard because of corroded elements and poor wiring, which often result in more electricity consumption.

Once it happens, your utility bills will keep increasing, wasting your money over time. To prevent this, have someone perform an electrical inspection and upgrade your electrical system.

5. Dead Switches Or Outlets

Another sign that your electrical system may benefit from an upgrade is dead switches or outlets. It may indicate various problems, including a poor connection between components and tripped circuit breakers.

Dead outlets may also indicate some issues, where a faulty connection, power surge, or an old outlet can be the primary cause. Moreover, while dead outlets can be an electrical problem, it doesn’t always mean that you should replace your entire electrical system.

Before fixing dead outlets, it’s essential to determine the root cause and let electricians check the real issue. If the problem has become a more significant issue, electrical experts may recommend a quick upgrade of your system to avoid further damage.

6. Unsafe Circuit Boxes

Some older circuit boxes may cause electrical hazards. So, if your house is already a decade-old property, you should inspect your circuit box to ensure it’s safe and doesn’t pose a threat.

Electrical fire hazard is a major threat in older homes. If you think your circuit box is unsafe, never think twice about contacting electricians. Don’t try to get rid of it on your own because a circuit box should be handled by professionals, regardless of your DIY skills.

7. Burning Smell

Electrical problems may produce a distinct burning smell, and this may not only be a sign that your electrical system is outdated but also signals the possibility of a fire hazard. In such cases, it’s best to immediately call electricians to do the necessary repairs and upgrade your electrical system.


If you notice any of the signs mentioned here, don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician immediately to assess your electrical system. Regardless of your electrical needs, electricians know the right solution so you are assured of a worry-free and hassle-free upgrade.



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