7 Ways To Design A Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

September 16, 2022

The bedroom is where you can finally relax after a long, tiring day. With comfort as your number one priority, it sure would be nice to do some quick upgrades. While there are plenty of bedroom designs you could go for, having a hotel-inspired bedroom would certainly help provide you with the maximum comfort possible.

Almost everyone enjoys sleeping in a five-star hotel. It’s where comfort meets elegance. Even if you could book a hotel room on your most stressful night, it would be great if your own bedroom could provide you with the relaxing ambiance you crave. Not only that it’ll help you save money, but it can also allow you to sleep luxuriously for as long as possible.

To help you out, listed below are some ways to design a hotel-inspired bedroom:

1. Switch To Luxurious Bed Sheets

Hotel rooms are popular for their luxurious and soft beds. This can help their guests achieve restful and restorative sleep, giving them a wonderful hotel experience.

With that in mind, you may enjoy the same sleep quality in your bedroom by switching to designer linen duvet covers. With the comfort they bring to your bed, you’ll surely feel luxurious as soon as your body touches them.

Moreover, you may want to avoid patterns and use a single solid color to achieve a classy, hotel-inspired look.

2.Use Built-In Headboards

If you notice, most five-star hotels use built-in headboards as part of the bed frame. Not only that they’re easier to maintain, but they also add character to the walls. To achieve this look, you may consider replacing your bed frame and installing a built-in headboard.

Ideally, it should go from floor to ceiling to achieve a luxurious look. You can even add some cushioning to make the area look more relaxing. An upholstered headboard also provides you with a comfortable spot to lounge in if you plan on sitting before lying on your bed.

When adding padding to your headboard, try to add a delicate pattern to make it look classier. You can go for lines or waves, which should help add depth.

3. Maximize Warm Lights

Hotel rooms maximize the use of warm lights as they help provide a relaxing and calming ambiance. While you can mix in a few white lights, it’ll be great if these could serve as spotlights for your desk and other focal points while allowing everything else to be warm. This can instantly give your room an expensive touch as it’s classy and sophisticated at the same time.

You can add some cove lighting, spotlights on your headboard, and bedroom lamps, which should help give your bedroom the boost it needs.

4. Shift To A Warm Color Palette

In line with switching to warm lights, it would be ideal if you could update your bedroom’s overall color scheme to warmer tones. You can play with beige, wood, gray, and white. Also linen sheets matching this color palette will work wonders to make your bedroom color-coordinated.

With these colors, you can help give your room a relaxing ambiance as the warm tones add comfort and coziness. Just ensure to strike the perfect balance of light and dark tones to make your bedroom look vibrant and not monotonous.

5. Install Luxurious Decorations

If you wish to achieve a hotel-inspired bedroom, you need to know that bedroom decoration plays an important role in making it possible.

Apart from the color scheme and a soft fluffy bed, you may add decorations to complete your bedroom’s look. You can begin with a luxurious lamp shade, framed artwork, or other small decorations.

6. Include Additional Seating

Most hotel rooms include additional seating, giving you extra space to read a book, sip your coffee, or just relax rather than lying in bed all day. You can apply this in your bedroom as well.

To give your room a relaxing and hotel-inspired vibe, you may consider adding an accent chair. Alternatively, you may choose a lounge sofa with a small desk beside it. Either option could give your bedroom an instant lift.

7. Use Two Layers Of Curtains

For your window treatment, you could use two layers of curtains to achieve a hotel look for your bedroom.

Your first layer should be a sheer curtain that gives your room soft light during the day while providing privacy. Your second layer should be a blackout curtain to block external light that could hinder your sleep quality.


Having a hotel-inspired bedroom helps put you in a great mood, allowing you to sleep in a luxurious atmosphere at any time during the day. While there are plenty of things you can do to make it happen, ensure that you create the perfect balance of lighting, color, and decorative elements to make your bedroom look comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

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