9 Steps to Help Self-Storage Managers Make Effective Collections Calls

September 9, 2022

The ability to effectively make collection calls is very important in the self-storage industry. However, no one likes to make collection calls because of all the awkwardness and formalities that follow.

It's safe to assume that making such calls is on no one's priority list. People are also uneasy making calls due to the possibility of social humiliation or failure. Fortunately, managers can easily learn how to make such calls efficiently.

You need to prepare diligently before making these calls. All of the best self-storage companies know exactly how to efficiently make these calls. Collection calls are important in making sure you earn the most profit you can on time.

Managers can improve their chances of success by adhering to a foolproof method. We have developed a nine-step plan to help you do so. This article will help you boost your collections made through calls significantly.

Here below are 9 Steps to Help Self-Storage Managers Make Effective Collections Calls:

Start Right

When signing on to new clients, there are certain things you need to take care of beforehand. You need to describe the late-fee structure in great detail.

It will be easier for you to make collection calls if your client already knows the process. You can also reduce the need for collection calls by informing your clients of the fee structure in advance.

Advertise your auto-pay program

After introductions and greetings, you can encourage clients to sign up for your auto-pay program. This way they will also be able to get a discount. You can also offer to remove the administrative charge for new customers who sign up for auto-payment.

The extent of your collection problems will be reduced because of auto-payment. It also means that fewer people will be late with their payments.

Offer multiple payment options

People are always looking for convenient payment options. Your collection process can be much easier if you make the payment process easy for your clients. You can offer multiple payment options through mobile devices, emails, etc.

Self-storage companies in Manhattan, KS offer a lot of payment options which will be helpful for you. Multiple payment options can help you stay competitive and streamline your operations with the use of standard procedures and helpful software.


Making early and frequent calls to customers is essential for successful collections. You should also make sure that your collection methods remain consistent in addition to strict payment rules.

Your clients will be able to see your reluctance to make exceptions. The largest self-storage companies in the US make sure they stick to their collection process to help remain consistent.

Never accept partial payments

You need to be forthright about the amount due on the call. It's suggested to never accept partial payments. If a manager demands payment in full from a customer and makes it clear that partial payment is unacceptable, the consumer will usually pay up.

Don't let your tenants pay you in installments. For example, most of the self-storage companies in Manhattan, KS, won't accept a partial payment.

Show professionalism

Managers should be professional when making collection calls. Tenants will get a more positive impression of you if you speak slowly, clearly, and in a quiet voice. Your ability to communicate is very important to make this process successful.

The best self-storage companies will have their managers' training in communications to help them make the process more efficient.

Be organized

You need to be very organized when making collection calls. Setting up alerts in your management program or web-based calendar is one option to do so.

You should take preventative measures by setting up such alerts for yourself. The top self-storage companies arrange the next set of collection calls after completing the first one.

Standardize your process

You need to track and record your collection calls. For example, the day and time when the calls are made, who all have paid, etc. If you have a written record of this system, your entire collection process will benefit from it.

Standardization will help you better manage your time and maintain the efficiency of your workforce. The largest self-storage companies in the US usually always have a standardized system set up.

Create a solution

You need to create solutions for any problems that may arise. For example, if a client can't provide you with the full payment, what other alternatives are there? Especially if the facility is located in a low-income neighborhood, any contribution is preferable to none.

In any instance, your focus should be on finding a solution that will increase your business's.


The best self-storage companies are those that take the collections process seriously. As a manager, you have to enforce rules consistently and equitably. Successful business owners always provide their managers with adequate resources.

With the help of this article, learn how to implement efficient collection processes to boost your bottom line. It's possible that, despite your best efforts, you won't achieve your goal. However, following these 9 steps is a great way to ensure success.


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