A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Locks

September 13, 2022


A safe house is a happy home where you and your family can live your best life, free of worries. We are sure you must have imagined many things when moving into your dream home, from the curtains on the windows to the furniture and what colors the walls will be. However, people often neglect one important thing: The door locks.

The door locks are not the most aesthetically pleasing part of the household but are the most important to keep it safe.

A home secured with a good door lock is necessary to protect everyone and everything inside from people who want to cause harm. Did you know that there are almost three burglaries every minute in the US? If you have recently moved to your new home or are looking for a replacement for the door locks, this guide can help you find the right pick.

We have created this guide to choosing the right type of locks to help you make a well-informed decision on your home’s security.

How to Choose a Door Lock

Door locks are not too expensive, so you will not need to worry about how much a door lock costs when considering your options. The door lock's level of security and aesthetic appeal are the main aspects to take into account. Let’s look at a few types of door locks and what they offer to help you get started.

Types of Door Locks

Door Knob Locks

The most common type of lock, door knob locks, are found everywhere worldwide. You see them in every kind of building, from residential buildings to businesses, front doors, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors. You can use these basic door locks in combination with other types of locks for extra security.

Door knob locks contain the locking mechanism within the doorknob, and they have screws to hold the lock in place on the inside to prevent people from removing the lock from the outside. Simple and effective, they are a natural option for many homeowners but on their own, do not provide enough security for the front door.

Hand Lever

Hand lever locks are similar to doorknob locks in almost every way. The primary difference between hand levers and doorknobs is that hand levers have a lever instead of a knob. Hand levers are also quite common worldwide.

Many homeowners install these on their front doors because they look aesthetically pleasing and are better suited for heavier doors. Of course, like door knob locks, hand lever locks on their own are not the best solution for top-notch security. Installing these would be better if you choose to combine them with deadbolts or other types of additional locks to secure your front door.


Handlesets are an increasingly popular type of lock many homeowners use on their front doors. Handleset locks are essentially locks that come with a handle. They are aesthetically pleasing, offer a decent degree of security, and make it easier for you to open heavier doors.

Handlesets are typically pricier than doorknobs and hand lever locks because they have several intricate pieces in their mechanisms. Again, they offer decent security but would work better for front doors in combination with chain locks or barrel bolts.


Deadbolts are another excellent option if you’re looking for the right type of lock for your home. They typically come with circular knobs for the keyhole and a plate for the bolt. These are difficult to break into and incredibly affordable. You can use these in combination with other types of locks on outside-facing doors.

Barrel Bolt

Barrel bolts are typically the kind of lock you use inside the house for extra security. The mechanism is simple. It is a barrel that you push across the doorframe to ensure that the door can only open from the inside. These are not pricey, but it is important to choose barrel bolts made with high-quality material to make your home secure.

The Brand Makes a Massive Difference

A crucial tip we must mention in this guide to choosing the right type of locks is the manufacturer. You should always conduct your due diligence on the lock maker you are considering after choosing which type to get for your door.

Picking door locks made by the best lock brands can help you ensure that you don’t just get the right type, you also get a high-quality lock. Cutting costs by choosing cheap knockoffs is risky because many manufacturers use sub-par materials that barely meet regulatory requirements. Door locks with poor construction quality are easier to break, leaving your home vulnerable to would-be burglars.

We have listed several types of locks you can install in your home. You can even use a combination of two or more locks from the types mentioned above to add that extra bit of security to your home. We hope you found this post informative. Stay safe, and best of luck!



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