AC Repairs: To DIY or To Call a Pro?

September 29, 2022


The erratic behaviour of your AC can be baffling at times. Regardless of the season, you might experience insufficient cooling, strange noises, or unusually high energy bills. After all, these are complex and sophisticated appliances that deserve professional care and maintenance.

So, if you detect a low performance in your AC, would you try your hands on it? Or reach out to an established HVAC company like Hurliman Heating?

If you know the basic functioning of the system and the parts, you can carry out a few quick fixes. However, if the scope of the job lies beyond your adroitness, it’s logical to entrust the task to an expert.

To help you further segregate DIY AC repair tasks and those that call for a professional hand, we have come up with this article for you.

DIY AC repairs: What can you do to the system?

Well, certain aspects of AC maintenance look quite basic. So, here are a few things you can carry out as a part of the regular upkeep of the appliance.

Change the filter

The filter in your AC accumulates dust, pollen, flying debris, and other contaminants. Unless you change the filter or at least clean these components, the system will have to perform under pressure. Besides, the conditioned air becomes contaminated with these particles, degrading the quality of breathable air.

So, make sure to inspect the filters every few weeks. Professionals recommend replacing these filters every three to four months. In case you detect low airflow issues in your AC, make sure to replace the filter. Thankfully, AC filters wouldn’t cost you much, and you can easily replace these components.

Clean debris around the outdoor unit

The condenser unit of your AC might be located outdoors. From time to time, visually inspect this component, checking the surroundings. There’s a fan running inside this outdoor unit. Its blades shouldn’t face any sort of obstruction.

At times, dirt and debris accumulate near the AC condenser. Besides, leaves or overgrown shrubs might clog the fan, preventing the AC from functioning optimally.

The performance of the AC comes under stress when the fan gets blocked. Ignoring the issue can lead to expensive repairs and higher energy bills in the coming months.

What should you expect AC repair experts to do?

Now that you know how you can take care of your AC, let’s check out when you need to hire the experts.

Cleaning the coils

Professional AC repair companies recommend cleaning the coils during routine maintenance. This calls for specialized equipment and tools which you might not possess. Besides, AC coils are fragile, which explains why you shouldn’t try working on them.

When you hire a certified HVAC professional, the experts use soft cloths and special brushes to remove the debris and dirt from the coils. This ensures that the delicate coils wouldn’t sustain any damage. So always hire an AC servicing professional for this work. In case you try to do this and end up damaging the coils, you would have to bear a hefty repair cost.

Drain inspection and unclogging

Well, the drain of your AC silently works outdoors. Naturally, most homeowners overlook its presence. As the air conditioner works, the condensed fluid safely drains away through this channel outdoors. Although you might think it’s easy to clean this drain yourself, hiring an expert is highly recommended.

At times, the clogs in the drain line can be severe. Experts carry the necessary cutting tools and fit a new pipe in place of the existing one. Improper fittings can also lead to leaks that can damage your walls or the structure of the building.

Inspecting and refilling the refrigerant

The refrigerant level in your AC goes a long way in determining how the system will function. Checking the level of refrigerant is not a layman’s task. During routine maintenance or pre-summer tune-up, you need to get this refrigerant level checked by the experts.

Licensed AC repair companies deploy specialized tools to inspect the refrigerant levels. During this inspection, the experts also ensure that there is no contamination in the system. Remember, leaks in the system might cause the refrigerant to flow out. At the same time, moisture and harmful oils can leak into the system and inflict your AC irreparable damage.

Inspect proper airflow

A well-balanced airflow all around your home is what you expect from a fully functional AC. Professional HVAC experts use an anemometer to check this airflow. Well, most households do not keep this device in their toolbox. Moreover, you should also know how to use this device to evaluate the airflow.

This justifies why you need to entrust the experts with this task. With proper airflow, you can keep your energy bills low and prevent the compressor from coming under pressure, which in turn helps maintain consistent indoor temperature. Also, you can expect a longer lifeline from your AC when it delivers proper airflow.

Inspect the terminals and electric controls

From time to time, the terminals and electric controls of your AC need hands-on as well as visual inspection. Certified HVAC technicians can carry out these tasks with skill. Failure to work on these electronic parts in the right way can lead to a compromise with the functioning of the system. The DIY strategies wouldn’t work here, and you might end up injuring yourself or damaging some of the parts.


Keeping your AC in proper functional condition is crucial. Whether it comes to installation, maintenance, or servicing, hiring a certified HVAC expert like Hurliman Heating would be wise. Certified and experienced AC mechanics can help you identify possible glitches beforehand. This way, you can significantly save your system from untimely failure.

Besides, hiring a certified professional can help you prolong the lifespan of your AC. These devices are sophisticated indeed, and maintaining one involves expertise. Although you have a few things, such as the air filters and the outdoor condenser unit to inspect, most of the servicing requires a professional hand.

Considering the long-term energy saving, warranty, and other advantages you get while working with the experts, it makes sense to hire one of the leading service providers. Once you compare the quotes from multiple HVAC companies, you can make your decision.


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