Benefits of Bilt Right Turf For Your Yard

September 22, 2022

It reduces “heat island effect”

Adding greenery to your landscape can reduce the urban heat island effect. This phenomenon is a major contributor to skyrocketing energy bills for urban residents and cramps our sense of community during the longer, hotter summer months. Research at this link has shown that reducing this heat island effect can help you lower the mercury level around your property.

Greenery has become the gold standard for tackling urban heat islands. While artificial grass does increase the Cool Park Effect by retaining cooler canopy air, it may also raise the temperature of the surrounding area. This will impact residents in the surrounding area, and can cause an increase in air conditioning costs.

As the summer season gets longer and hotter around the world, more parents are concerned about the health risks to their children playing on artificial grass fields. Fortunately, Penn State's Center for Sports Surface Research ( is working on ways to reduce the heat island effect while maintaining a quality playing surface for children or your animal friends.

It reduces noise

A soft surface absorbs sound waves, and plant life can help to dampen them. In addition to absorbing sound waves, plants are aesthetically pleasing as well. However, plant life alone is not a great noise reduction solution, especially in places with limited space.

Instead, consider using water-wise landscaping to add a variety of features, including wildlife habitat and a sense of place. This article will discuss some of the best landscaping options for noise reduction. The use of artificial grass is another great way to reduce noise. Artificial grass is an excellent sound insulator, so you can use it in a noisy area.

It will absorb noise from the traffic and passersby. Additionally, some homeowners use green walls to dampen noise. This option can help you achieve a Zen-like experience in your home. By incorporating these landscaping solutions into your yard, you can turn your back patio into a yoga studio.

It reduces glare

Grass is a great option for green spaces because it reduces glare. Even in sunny conditions, it can help reduce the reflection of light and noise. It can also help reduce noise pollution and enhance security. Additionally, it helps reduce glare and improve visibility. It can also help improve the aesthetics of the community.

There are many benefits to fake grass for businesses, so here are just a few: Window film can be installed easily and inexpensively. It helps cut glare from reflecting off of windows without blocking the view out. Window film is available in different sizes to fit most glass windows.

Moreover, it scatters light far and wide, preventing it from scorching your synthetic grass. This film will help you save money on energy bills and maintain the aesthetics of your home. Also, it is a good option for staging a home for sale because it can be easily removed when the time comes to sell.

It reduces dust

A well-maintained lawn provides a number of environmental benefits. It traps dust and smoke particles, slows water and helps control erosion. It also provides a buffer zone for buildings, which is valuable insurance against fires.

Turf grasses also create a soothing landscape for people to enjoy. Fake grass surfaces are durable enough to absorb the impact of sports. Whether you're looking to improve the aesthetics of your home or want to reduce your family's exposure to allergens, fake grass like that from Built Right Turfs is the perfect solution. Healthy turf grass stands help capture and store carbon dioxide.

During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is converted into plant biomass and stored in the root system. As a result, turf grasses are important for reducing air pollution. They also prevent the growth of weeds, which trap airborne allergens. Turf grass also provides oxygen to people and the environment.

It reduces pollution

One of the best known pollution-reducing benefits of turf grass is its ability to slow down water flow. Turf grass reduces the speed and force of water as it moves through a lawn, which benefits groundwater reserves and reduces runoff.

The grasses also trap sediment, which prevents pollutants from entering the water system. These pollutants eventually enter the soil and are broken down into harmless substances. By improving water quality, turf grass helps to reduce air pollution and protect the environment. The environmental benefits of turf are numerous and widespread.

Not only is it a good idea to use artificial grass for residential properties and large playing fields, but it also helps to reduce the pollution from cars, thereby helping to save water. Moreover, artificial grass is much more affordable than natural grass, saving you both money and time. In addition, it is safer for human and pet health than natural grass, which can cause respiratory illnesses.


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