Colors Say It All, Here's How You Can Bring The Best Out Of Your Home With Wall Paint!

September 19, 2022

Colors are the soul of your home’s interior and exterior decor. You can play around with neutrals or mix bold colors and come up with anything you like. That’s the best thing about wall paint because the choices are never-ending. So, if you’re renovating your house or just feel like repainting to freshen things up, you should pick a color palette that suits both you and your home.

Choosing a wall paint color for any area of the house can make all the difference. The colors can bring all the warmth, peace, and comfort to your place. So, let’s see how you can find the colors that speak to you:

How To Find The Inspiration You Need

You can never go wrong with some paint color inspiration or different ideas. You can get a clue from checking out magazines or browsing the internet. If you feel like having a change of scenery around you then wall paints can achieve this. A lot of wall paint companies give you lots of options and ideas to help you make a decision.

Be sure to check every wall paint color under decent lighting because it will make all the difference. There’s a reason why some colors only look good in a certain light. So, when you’re deciding to repaint a wall, see how different colors will appear.

Select A Color Scheme That Best Suits Your Décor

You don't need to have any background knowledge about color theory to create a lovely color scheme for your house. It all comes down to your taste and what you like best. You can create a color scheme based on the room of the house, the furniture, and the theme you want to display.

There are many free tools available online to help you mix up different colors and find a shade that works for you. Most wall paint experts give you a palette so you can see all your options right in front of you.

You can also create a color scheme from patterns or designs you see anywhere and match them with your bedding or table linens. Even if you have neutral wall paint colors everywhere, you can have an accent wall where you get to show vibrant and unique shades.

Don’t Shy Away, Be As Creative As Possible

Wall paint colors are meant to be soothing and fun so it doesn’t mean you always have to play by the book. You can paint your living room a totally unique and bold color and watch how it makes everything lively.

Don’t be shy to let your creative side shine when it comes to any colors. Your house should reflect your personality so if you’re into neon shades or dark colors, don’t be afraid to show it. An expert can help you make a better-informed decision by showing you various color swatches.

If you’re a fan of interior design and artwork, you can borrow the color scheme from any of your favorite artists. This is an easy way to get amazing results because you get to see how different colors look together.

Here’s How To Choose The Best Paint Colors For Your Home

You should always choose wall paint colors that you personally like but getting some effective advice never hurt anyone. As we mentioned before, the lighting of a room makes a huge difference in how a wall paint color is going to appear. You should check out your wall paints in both natural and artificial light because ultimately, you want what’s best.

Here are some ways you can come to the right decision:

Choose Colors Based On A Room’s Temperature

You might be aware of how different colors are put into the categories of warm and cool. Based on their temperature, all the colors fall in different places on the color wheel. For instance, warmer shades include reds, yellows, and oranges. Whereas, blues and greens are more of a cooler tone.

You can use warm-toned wall paint colors for your bedroom or living space as they tend to appear to be more welcoming. So, if you’re looking to make things more comfortable, check out different shades of warm paint colors.

Try Out Vibrant And Bold Colors

Bold colors are always a great choice but only if you have the right lighting to support them. So, if you have huge windows in your living room, try out bold and vibrant colors as you’ll be getting lots of natural light to make them look lovely.

If you’re just starting out, try using a bold color for an empty hallway and see the difference it makes.

Create A Balanced Color Palette

You can either choose contrasting or complementing colors by checking out the entire color wheel or look at the options provided by a wall paint company. These colors are very aesthetically pleasing but it’s important to find the right balance.

Too much of anything can be bad. So, find harmony in your wall paint colors by using colors that go well together.

Also, you can try to see what contrasts best with your floor rugs or wall-mounted rugs, if you have them, if not - its about time you considered getting them 🙂

Don’t Forget Your Whites

Yes, there are many different shades of white! You will have to find the right one for your house as that color will be the foundation. There are both warmer and cooler white shades available so you can decide.

A well-balanced combination of whites will lift up a room and give it a personality of its own. So, make sure you pick the right tones.

Pick Colors Based On Your Moods

You can go by the book and choose classic wall paint colors for your house but no one is stopping you from painting your bedroom a totally different shade. Your bedroom is your sanctuary so you can pick paint colors based on how you want the room to feel.

Decide a Perfect Finish for Visual Appeal

Nothing beats a good wall paint job that has a nice finish to it. Once, you’re done picking your whites, neutrals, or bold colors, you should finish it all off with a color that goes well with everything. You can use it for your ceilings or just one wall so it connects all the walls together.

You will get the visual appeal of it all once the wall paints have dried and had time to shine through.


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