Composite Decking Is Safe for Children

September 26, 2022

Many folks desire an outside deck for the entire family, particularly youngsters. Children can play on composite decking. Not only does it not contain hazardous chemicals, but it also does not produce debris or mold. Furthermore, the anti-slip qualities of composite deck flooring keep children from slipping and falling while playing.

You might believe that wood decking is just as safe for kids. However, standard wood decking is not appropriate for barefoot play. This is due to the wood's susceptibility to cracking and warping. Children can easily be injured by the resultant splinters. Wooden decks typically require waterproofing and preservation treatment, which means they will contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. It is also simple to endanger children's health.

What is the composition of composite deck flooring?

Wood pulp and recycled plastic are combined to create a composite decking material. It is water and corrosion-resistant because it comprises plastic and does not require chemical treatment. It also does not chip or warp, making it safe for barefoot youngsters.

You can select a outdoor composite decking with a grooved surface as a man-made composite product. Grooved composite decking boards not only give the house a unique appearance. However, keep children from slipping and falling.

Composite decking board history

Composite materials have existed since antiquity. Composite materials have recently appeared, and composite deck board was introduced in the late 1990s. The first composite decking was only one color and had a plastic texture. However, as composite materials have advanced, composite decking now not only has a natural wood grain surface but is also available in a variety of colors and varieties to properly match diverse design trends.

The main benefit of composite deck flooring is that it is low maintenance. It does not require staining or any of the other upkeep that a wood deck does. Gives you more time to enjoy life and play in the yard with your children.

There are no protruding nails or screws.

There are numerous types, but hidden fasteners can be used with grooved composite decking. Remove the possibility of your child's feet being sliced on a screw head as they slide across the deck. In fact, they will slide across the deck.

Also, fewer ripped socks. Because, if your kids are anything like mine, they frequently run around in their socks outside. Because the fasteners are hidden, the socks will not get snagged and ripped when out on the deck.

A pool with composite decking is an excellent choice for children.

On hot days, composite decks are ideal for setting up a wading pool for the youngsters to cool down in the sun. And the fact that water has been a source of great enjoyment for a long time.

You can build the pool on one side of the deck and relax on the other. A day at the beach should be spent in this manner by a young family. A composite deck for a kiddie pool is ideal since it is resistant to water damage.

Water does not harm composite decking in the same way that it damages wood. It doesn't absorb much of the water that is thrown at it.

Decking that will not stain and is simple to clean

What kid doesn't enjoy a hotdog or ice cream while sunbathing? I like both of them even when it's cloudy, but that's not the point. From ketchup to ice cream cones, kids will drop everything you give them.

In this regard, composite decking really shines. Because of how simple it is to clean. You can clean up the mess with a rag and some water and pretend it never happened.

Many composite decking manufacturers, such as COOWIN, Trex, and TimberTech, provide a one-week warranty against food stains. If you drop it and don't locate it until the weekend after. It is not a major issue. Simply clean it up and you may resume enjoying your deck. However, dried-out ketchup will require a little more water to remove.

There is one exception. Sunscreen lotion. You don't want the youngsters to get sunburned, so apply sunscreen inside or outside. Something in that UV-blocking lotion can be harmful to composite decking.

Isn't it too hot for kids to play on a composite deck?

Sort of. Composite decking, like any other flat surface or decking material, becomes heated in the sun. The temperature will shift as soon as you walk from the lawn to your deck. This implies that on a hot day, children may not want to play on composite decking.

Another advantage of composite decking is that it retains less heat than wood does. This implies that even on a hot day, if you shade it, the deck will not become heated. The addition of a pergola, awning, or privacy wall to a deck design can make a significant impact in how hot or chilly the decking is. You may also use an umbrella to achieve the similar effect.


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