Crucial Tips For Cleaning & Caring For Your Gemstone Jewelry

September 26, 2022

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The elegant and classy gemstone jewelry immediately diverts people's attention with its glowing beauty. However, people have been wearing and using them since the ancient era for styling and overall well-being.

Fashionistas, celebrities, and public figures also pair gemstone ornaments with any modern dress, whether western or ethnic. The mesmerizing blend of colors and their glossy look adds charm to your overall appearance.

Gemstones have symbolic meaning, and from an astrological perspective, people prefer wearing them as per their zodiac sign and birthstone.

Need To Take Care of Gemstone Ornaments

Everything needs care and attention in this world. The same is the case with Mookaite gems; if you do not cleanse, charge and keep them properly, they will not last for a long time. Therefore, getting some insightful knowledge regarding measures you can adopt to maintain the quality of your gemstone accessories is essential.

It does not matter how careful you are; the gemstones are sensitive to wear and tear. Unfortunately, their natural attractiveness can diminish, resulting from many factors such as scratches and the accumulation of dirt.

Basic Cleaning Methods

Cleaning is a significant and vital task that you must do to prevent your K2 Jasper gem ornaments look impressive irrespective of their use. Make sure to wear the gemstone set of jewelry at last while getting ready, as they can lose their luster if it comes in contact with hairspray or perfume.

Always take off your colorful stone ornaments while gardening, cleaning, or doing manual work. Likewise, never wear them while swimming as sweat, sunscreen, and sand can damage them eternally.

Many gems can lose their original color from a high level of oil. If you are not wearing Opal Jewelry, keep it away from high heat sources and sunlight. Instead, prepare a tender dish soap and water solution and soak your colorful stone accessories in it.

After some time, it will loosen up the grime, and moving it back and forth in the water will clean it. Finally, take the jewelry out and wipe it with a silky cloth; it will appear as if you purchased it recently.

Significance of Hardness Scale

While cleaning the precious February Birthstone Amethyst, an insightful piece of advice about the hardness Mohs scale is to remember; that it can get scratched any other gem with higher hardness and scrape ones with a lower hardness level.

The in-house dust mainly consists high amount of quartz and silica. Therefore, it's essential to use a neat, lint-free microfiber cloth while working with your ornaments and focus on the softness of the brush before using it on the gemstone.

Treatments & Inclusions For Gemstone Jewelry

One should be very careful while treating the Moonstone Jewelry. Pay attention to standard treatment methods like heating, oiling, dyeing, and coating.

The warm soapy water and a delicate brush are ideal methods to clean maximum gems. Just mix gentle detergent like unscented washing liquid with warm water in a bowl. Make sure that the water is not too hot.

Some gemstones do not react positively to a sudden change in temperature. Therefore, ensure you have a good quality brush to clean the gem.

When you have soaked gemstone ornaments for a few minutes in soapy water, then brush them gently. Make sure to clean the jewelry thoroughly to ensure it's spotless from dust and grime. Post cleaning, dab out all the soapy residue from it.

Ultrasonic Technique For Cleaning Gemstone Trinkets

The Ultrasonic cleaning technique purifies both gems and jewelry through the creation of high-frequency sound waves that leads to the rise of bubbles to form in a liquid surrounding your piece.

As the bubbles explode with high pressure, they dislodge grime from the gemstone and metalwork. They are making sure that the gemstone trinkets appear fresh and clean. This method sounds easy, but still, many folks face complexities while performing it.

Apart from this, discuss all the cleaning methods with expert gemologists and jewelers.



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