Everything About an Ideal Staircase

September 15, 2022

To build your dream house or renovate your house, the staircase plays a big role. The staircase is a part of the building which helps us to move from one floor to another. For different sizes of buildings and different aesthetics, the stairs vary. In Global Compare, you'll get all types and designs of staircases suitable for your house. You can also get customized designs for uniqueness.

What Is Staircase?

The staircase is a structure that helps to move up and down from one floor to another. It's a series of steps. The combination of 1 tread and 1 riser is known as a step. There are some parts of a standard staircase. Those are given below-

1. Riser: The riser is the vertically positioned displacement. The standard size of the riser is 15-17cm.

2. Tread: Tread is the horizontal structure on which we step. The standard size of the tread is 25-27cm.

3. Baluster: Balusters are the vertical supporters that hold the handrail. It's positioned in every step to support the handrail and newel post.

4. Newel Post: These are the vertical columns that are placed on the first and last step of a flight. The standard height for newel posts is 75-90cm.

5. Hand Rail: Every staircase should provide a handrail to hold while climbing the stairs.

Types of Staircase

Staircase designs and types vary because of the usage. For residential purposes, it's one style, for commercial purposes, it's different and for public purposes, it's another type. However, let's see all types of stairs London here-

1. Straight Stairs

Straight stairs as the name suggests, go up without any changes of direction. Both residential and commercial buildings have this type of stair the most. Straight stairs can be spiced up by varieties of stringer or railing types and using different materials. Straight stairs are simple and the definition of minimalistic design.

2. U-Shaped Stairs

U-shaped stairs are joints of two parallel flights of straight stairs by the landing. The landing creates a 180° turn in the walking line. This type of stair looks super elegant and can easily fit into architectural plans.

3. Spiral Stairs

Spiral staircases London are built by centring one pole. The design of the spiral staircase is very compact and it follows the helical arc. When there is a shortage of space, then this design can be a lifesaver. The smallest spiral staircase UK is very attractive in design and has a major impact on the appearance of the building.

4. Curved Stairs

The curved staircase is quite similar to the spiral staircase. However, unlike spiral staircases, curved stairs have a larger radius and they don't create the whole circle. As curved stairs are extremely elegant and luxurious, in every big residential or commercial building, this staircase is created.

5. Cantilever Stairs

Cantilever stairs are built in a way where it seems the stairs are floating in the air. The stringer of stairs is attached to the end of the treads. This type of stairs adds spaciousness and the illusion of space in the house.

6. Bifurcated Stairs(Split Staircase)

In this type, the flight of the staircase is divided at the mid-landing into two narrow flights. Then, the branch stairs go to the left and right sides. This design complements the architectural designs and can be seen in bigger buildings and libraries.

7. Ladders

Ladder-like stairs are built to get access. They are movable and building codes don't allow this type in residential or office buildings. You can see this design in libraries, docks or lofts to get access.

Final Words

So, that's all about the staircase. You should choose the types and design of your staircase according to the building size, purpose and style of your house. If you need any help or you want unique designs with customization, then please contact us. We'll be right there to answer you!


Are you willing to know everything about staircase? If so then this article will be helpful for you with a complete guideline. So complete reading the article till end.


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