Five Investments for Family and Friends

September 23, 2022

In the 21st century, many of us are often told to invest. Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth apart from securing a stable job with a high salary. Seeming like a shortcut to wealth may also be a part of its appeal, but evangelists may be onto something. Investing is not necessarily a grueling activity that will hijack any unsuspecting life. You can still have healthy boundaries with investing if you choose to discern what the fuss is about. Without further ado, let’s discuss ways to invest. While most of this discussion will regard types of stocks, other options abound, from rental property investment to Roth IRAs.

Growth Stocks

These stocks are some of the best, at least as far as investors are concerned. High growth means a high return on investment. Many of these stocks are of tech companies, but not always. A return may take a long time to appear after your initial purchase of growth stocks, making the process risky, but the rewards for an investment so patient are usually high. Investors pay for lots of growth stock relative to a company’s initial earnings, so these stocks can lose value quickly and without warning, but generally speaking, investors have to sell every asset within a sweet spot. It just so happens that the sweet spot for fast growth stocks is particularly sensitive, but it also has the highest yield. Unsurprisingly, the lion’s share costs the most attention and care, but this is not the only option. If a company is particularly big and predictable, then it may be a good candidate in whom to invest.

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Real Estate

Investing in properties is also possible, and it’s easier. It may not allow for large bursts of cash. It will allow for a modest, but dependably steady income. Real estate is a popular long-term investment. There’s no doubt that it takes almost as much money as growth stocks to get started. Also, returns do not appear until after several years, but if people sell wine, then surely they can invest in real estate. Owning a property offers the inherent flexibility of being your own boss. To address a property’s immediate payments for maintenance, you can borrow money from a bank, and pay back the loan over time. And interest rates upon any loans will not be particularly high if you seek to invest in real estate. Renting the property to renters may require a little more activity than investing in properties that people own, but generally, investing in real estate is a passive activity that guarantees a modest inflow of cash.

Roth IRAs

A Roth IRA is a particularly potent and lucrative retirement account. With this type of account, you can save money after income taxes, grow your wealth tax-free for all years before retirement, and ultimately withdraw from your account. Furthermore, you can pass this account’s money to any offspring or heirs.

A Roth IRA may not be an investment per se, but its legal and tax advantages are so significant that it mimics the advantages of a series of genuine investments. If you combine a Roth IRA with more direct investments like stocks, then any money you receive will multiply more significantly.

Value Stocks

In contrast to growth stocks, value stocks are a defensive and safe option that will still manage to make you a modest sum. They are “value” stocks for which “value” means “less expensive.” Value stocks are cheaper than others because their ratio from price to earnings suggests they are. In this context, price is in reference to the amount of money investors pay per share, and earnings are in reference to how much those investors receive for buying a share. If a stock’s ratio from price to earnings is low enough, then that stock is a value stock in which to invest if you are looking for an option whose stability rivals that of real estate investments. Somewhat paradoxically, value stocks do well when interest rates heighten, so they may be a good option for this year (2022 at the time of writing).

Dividend Stocks

In terms of difficulty and return, dividends sit between the two aforementioned types of stocks. They offer substantial yields that may be better than those of value stocks, but growth stocks are still the most effective if you have the mental RAM to deal with growth stocks. A dividend stock pays a consistent amount of money to an investor (i.e, a dividend). Most stocks are dividend stocks, but dividend stocks are most common among large companies who have persisted for decades. This type of investment is most popular among baby boomers simply because they have probably been doing it for a long time, but others may also benefit immensely.


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