Hacks to Avoid Lag While Streaming Live Sports

September 24, 2022




Are you a sports freak and want to enjoy it by watching it live without interruption when you're out of your home or workplace?

So, you've come to the right place. Because in this article you will get to know different hacks which will give you the best live-streaming experience without lagging.

There are plenty of websites where you can stream live sports streams all over the world, like BBC iPlayer, SonyLIV, and Hotstar. You can also enjoy live sports with Dazn in New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, and Japan.

There is nothing more thrilling to stream live than a sporting event. By default, live streams are very entertaining, keeping viewers breathless, and waiting for miracles to happen. However, an unexpected delay in a live sports broadcast can destroy the entire experience of watching a game or even in real-time.

For example, seeing an instant replay isn't the same as witnessing a crucial player make a wonderful pass that leads to a game-winning goal.

The majority of fans already have a preferred viewing platform... However, finding a good streaming service isn't necessarily enough for individuals who intend to watch on their phones. When watching on the go, connection, and audio are all important concerns.

For sports bettors, configuring a smartphone for flawless latency is just as important as streaming live games and important events.

Some causes of buffering problems during live sports streams:

  • The link between the live sports feed encoder and the server is broken.
  • The Internet connection speed is insufficient to support the encoder's bitrate.
  • lowering the available bitrate for the live streaming platform.
  •  Excessive demand causes the server to crash.
  •  The Internet bandwidth may not be sufficient to completely push the live feed.

Optimizing Devices for Live Streaming:

Here are the basics of streaming live sports on Android devices. From Sky Sports to DAZN to the NFL App, most live sports firms now have dedicated applications. For a high-quality experience, streaming straight from an application is the best choice.

But there might be a possibility that the opposite might be true—if an application is also lagging and buffering during the live streams, all you have to do is try launching the live stream from the app's official website on a mobile browser. Other than diverting to a browser, here are a few additional quick fixes:


  • Find a safe internet connection. The less competition for connectivity, the better the quality of live sports streaming.
  • Shut down all the apps that remain unused in the live broadcast. Or better, remove applications that are not used.
  • Navigate to Settings > Apps. Remove the cache and temporary files from the applications. This will slow down a phone and possibly a live feed.


Analyze Optimizers:

If we talk about optimizers, Android users are fortunately spoiled with options. These are the third-party applications that address specific safety problems for Android users. There are cleaner optimizers, for example, that may reduce a phone's garbage files in order to increase streaming speeds.

There are a number of mobile cleaning apps: Phone Booster, RAM Optimizer, and Clean Master—Antivirus, Applock, and Cleaner will clear junk on a regular basis to keep streaming speeds consistent. Clean Master will also assist in providing secure Wi-Fi for individuals using public routers.

Some more battery life optimizers, such as Booster Cleaner, will also help. Because streaming applications eat a phone's battery life, it's crucial to think about things like preserving battery life when on the road.

Make Yourself Ready For Success

From a software standpoint, we've discussed how to improve a live sports stream. Now, let's look at what kinds of accessories are useful.

To begin with, battery packs can help Android users a lot of trouble while also considering increasing their remote screen time. Android customers like MyCharge, Anker PowerCore, and Mophie PowerStation products.

In addition to battery life, some users choose anti-glare screen coverings. This is especially useful for individuals attempting to enjoy a live game in a sunny location, such as a park.

Another typical method is to use corded headphones rather than Bluetooth wireless headphones, which can quickly deplete the battery.

Once your accessories are ready, grab the popcorn and enjoy your favorite shows anywhere with fast internet speed.


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