How to Create a Luxury Bathroom Aesthetic on a Budget

September 16, 2022

Even if you lead an incredibly hectic life with a packed schedule, you should always try and find time to include longer than a few minutes in the shower or bath.

The overall look and feel of your bathroom will, subconsciously or overly, affect your desire to spend more time in the room, so, with this in mind, continue reading to learn how to create a luxury bathroom aesthetic on a budget.


It is naturally not at all accurate to say that the more clutter, ornaments, and toiletries displayed and arranged in your bathroom currently, the more down-market your bathroom appears.

However, luxury is all about relaxation, and nobody, no matter your personality, style, or individual situation, can ever truly relax unless they have a clear space in which to do it in. After all, it is often said that a tidy house is, indeed, a tidy mind.

Treat Yourself to a Feature Place

Having set your mind on planning and executing a bathroom design along a budget, if you do have the available funds to ‘splash’ out on one feature piece, then a heated towel rail is definitely the way to go.

Reputable and professional suppliers of all things bathroom (and definitely all things bathroom luxury), such as, can give you all the advice and assistance you need to choose the best-heated towel rail to suit your style.

Mosaic Tiles & Mixed Materials

When it comes to something which perfectly summarizes a luxurious bathroom feel, it would be ornately designed mosaic tiles.

However, as fanciful and intricate as your new tiles are, whether you create them yourself or else source them from a secondhand store, it is important to keep the colors as neutral and clean as possible.

When considering color, both for your new tiles and indeed the rest of your new tranquil bathroom design, stick to European Spa colors such as greys, creams, light browns, and even bright white.

Fancy Faucets

When it comes to telling the difference between a designer handbag and one you can buy a lot cheaper from a high street store, it is the little touches and details that draw your eye.

Back to luxury bathrooms with a relaxed feel and a calm aesthetic, it is also the little details that make all the difference, and specifically, the style, look, and material of your bathroom faucets should be thought about carefully.

Choose a smooth, black matte finish if this complements the rest of your design, or for a bolder option, you could even choose brass faucets; just remember you need to polish them often!

Natural Lighting

Another key component that is frankly absolutely essential when designing a luxurious bathroom and, wonderfully, one that is incredibly affordable is a larger-than-usual bathroom mirror.

Not only does the addition of a large mirror in the center of the bathroom wall allow for absolute superficial perfection when you are getting ready in the morning, but it will also maximize the volume of natural light in the room.


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